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Eclipse Resource Center


Eclipse Blogs
Chris Aniszczyk, Software Engineer IBM Austin Labs
Chris Aniszczyk is a software engineer at IBM Austin Labs and comments on various Eclipse topics. Some of the more recent topics covered in Chris' blog include the Eclipse Modeling Project, the User Interface Architecture Group, Eclipse 3.3 M1, and Equinox/OSGi.
Michael Scharf, Eclipse Architecture Council
Michael Scharf is a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council and works for Wind River. Michael's blog concentrates on Java and Eclipse topics including the Update Manager, and Eclipse Monkey.
John Graham, Project Management Committee
John Graham is the chair of the Project Management Committee (PMC) for the Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) and a software engineer for Sybase. Some of the topics John covers includes Eclipse building blocks, Callisto, the device driver problem, and mixing Eclipse projects.
Open Source at Eclipse
Open Source at Eclipse blog concentrates on open source issues with Eclipse development.
Planet Eclipse
Planet Eclipse gathers blog entries from numerous Eclipse hackers and contributors. You can also subscribe to the Planet Eclipse RSS feed to get the latest blog entries.
Kim Horne, Software Developer and Committer
Kim Horne is a software developer and committer on the Eclipse Platform project. Kim writes about Eclipse functions and will assist people who would like to contribute to an Eclipse project. In addition Kim also lists the bugs she is currently looking at.
Tim Wagner, Eclipse Web Tools Platform
Tim Wagner leads the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project and holds other Eclipse positions, he is also a Senior Manager for BEA with the Workshop Group. Tim discusses his work chairing the EclipseCon Program Committee, Eclipse 3.2 M4 release, and Callisto.
Ian Skerret, Director of Marketing
Ian Skerret is the Director of Marketing for the Eclipse Foundation. Topics that Ian discusses include partnering and M&A made easier with Eclipse, Eclipse World, Callisto Edition, the Eclipse user community, very cool Equinox application, usage of Eclipse Equinox and OSGi, and improving their web site for users.
Doug Schaefer, Project Lead Eclipse CDT Project
Doug Schaefer is the project lead for the Eclipse CDT Project (Eclipse's C/C++ development environment) and a software developer at QNX. Doug's topics include MultiCore processors, Windows SDK RC1, Microsoft XNA Express, and GP2X (open source handheld gaming system).
Wassim Melhem, Plug-in Development Environment
Wassim Melhem is the Plug-in Development Environment component lead on the Eclipse Platform project and an advisory software developer at the IBM Toronto Laboratory. Wassim comments on his work with Eclipse and also gives hints about new features that are being worked on.
Wayne Beaton of the Eclipse Foundation
Wayne Beaton of the Eclipse Foundation assists in getting people to adopt Eclipse technologies. His blog contains links to articles on Eclipse, as well as hints, tips, and additional articles he has written on several Eclipse topics.
Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation
Mike Milinkovich is the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. Some of the topics Mike discusses include Sun Microsystem's announcement on open sourcing Java, AJAX and Eclipse, Callisto, and models for open source adoption.

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