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Eclipse Resource Center


Eclipse Plugins
Additional Eclipse Plugins
Check out additional Eclipse plugins available on
Check out the QuantumDB database plug-in for the Eclipse platform. QuantumDB works with all JDBC-compliant databses.
Eclipse SQL Explorer
Download the Eclipse SQL Explorer plug-in that allows you to query and browse JDBC compliant databases.Site includes installation instructions, screenshots, a detailed overview of the plug-in features, and instructions for extending Eclipse SQL Explorer.
Eclipse Tomcat plug-ins.
Eclipse Plugin Central
Eclipse Plugin Central includes an extensive directory of Eclipse plugins. View by most active plugins, updated and latest plugins, and top rated plugins. Also includes developer forums.
Download Subclipse—a subversion plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. Site includes downloads, information about the latest release, articles and more.
Rule-based Accessibility Validation Environment
Use the IBM Rule-based Accessibility Validation Environment (RAVEN) to inspect and validate the accessibility of Java-based GUIs and Eclipse plug-ins. Site includes downloads, FAQs, forums and reviews.
Developing Eclipse Plugins
Article: "Developing Eclipse Plugins," by David Gallardo. Topics include a plugin based architecture, a gentle introduction to plugins, a plugin manifest file, the plugin source code, running and debugging the plugin, packaging the plug-in, updating the plugin version, plugin fragments and features, and next steps.
EasyEclipse combines Eclipse with open source plugins to create an easy-to-use version of Eclipse based on existing open source plugins. Installers available for C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.
Eclipse Plugins
Find numerous Eclipse plugins.

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