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Eclipse Project: Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)
Deploying BIRT
Article: "Deploying BIRT," by Jason Weathersby (July 2006). Topics include BIRT deployment, deploying the BIRT viewer servlet, creating a servlet, adding the BIRT viewer to an RCP application, and adding the BIRT report engine to an RCP application.
BIRT Newsgroups
Subscribe to these BIRT newsgroups and mailing lists to connect with other BIRT users and contributors.
Examples Using BIRT Components
Check out these examples that use BIRT components. Includes a BIRT demo and examples of solution reports, reporting features, scripting and integrating BIRT.
BIRT FAQ. Topics include installation, Linux, examples, data access, report parameters, scripting, extension, charts, deployment, report layout, output format, internationalization, applications, the BIRT project, limitations and more.
BIRT Installation Guide
BIRT installation guide lists pre-requisites and detailed installation steps.
Basic BIRT Tutorial
Tutorial: "Basic BIRT Tutorial." Topics include an introduction to BIRT, creating a report, brief UI tour, building a data source, building a data set, building a table, testing your report, setting visual properties, setting data properties, using styles, cascading styles, using a grid, using a text item and next steps.
Eclipse BIRT Project
Download the latest version of the Eclipse BIRT project. Includes installation requirements and instructions.
BIRT Overview
BIRT overview. Topics include an introduction to BIRT, anatomy of a report, integration information, the BIRT Report Designer, BIRT development and BIRT extensibility.
Design Dynamic Reports, Charts, and Templates
Tutorials: "Extract Database Information Using Eclipse and BIRT V2.0: Design Dynamic Reports, Charts, and Templates," by Scott Delap and Robert Thornton. Requires site registration.
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) site at BIRT is an open source reporting system for the Eclipse platform that can be used with your applications to create reports for in web and PDF formats. Visit this site for news, downloads, features, tutorials, conference presentations, examples, FAQs, wikis and more.
Integrating and Extending BIRT, by Jason Weathersby, Don French, Tom Bondur, Jane Tatchell, Ian Chatalbasheva.
BIRT: A Field Guide to Reporting, by Diana Peh, Alethea Hanneman, Paul Reeves, and Nola Hague (October 2006).

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