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Linux Resource Center


Getting Help: Linux Forums and Newsgroups
Linux Google Group
linux.debian.changes.devel newsgroup.
Linux Google Group
linux.debian.kernel newsgroup.
Linux Google Group
linux.debian.maint.boot newsgroup.
Linux Google Group
alt.os.linux.suse newsgroup.
SuSE Linux New User Yahoo! Group
Yahoo! Group for SuSE Linux newbies.
SuSE Linux Yahoo! Group
Yahoo! Group for SuSE Linux users.
Red Hat Yahoo! Group
Yahoo! Group for Redhat Linux.
SuSE Linux Forums
SuSE Linux discussion forums. Topics includes general questions, installation, desktop environments, multimedia hardware support, network and security, 64-bit environments, OpenBeta questions, tips/tricks/tweaks, games, programming and scripting, HowTo discussions, news and announcements and more.
NVIDIA Linux Forums
NVIDIA Linux forums.
Get help from other Linux developers in the JustLinux discussion forums.
Gentoo Linux Forums
Gentoo Linux discussion forums.
Unbuntu Linux Forums
Unbuntu Linux forums. Includes help for beginners, hardware help, tips and tricks, tutorials, projects, a Linux gaming center and more.
Linksys NSLU2 Yahoo! Group
Yahoo! Group discusses the Linux operating system on the Linksys NSLU2.
Dell Laptop Yahoo! Group
Yahoo! Group supports people running Linux on Dell laptops.
Linux Google Group
linux.kernel newsgroup.
Linux Google Group
comp.os.linux.advocacy newsgroup.
Linux Google Group
comp.os.linux.misc newsgroup.
Get help from other Linux developers in the JustLinux discussion forums.
Includes Linux forums, resources, tutorials, a FAQ, Linux dictionary, news, manuals and more.
Includes numerous Linux forums organized by topics including applications, desktop, installation, miscellaneous, multimedia, network, programming, reviews, security and servers.
Register for free at to post questions and chat topics, subscribe to topic threads, receive the newsletter and more.
Linux Newbie Guide Forums
Linux Newbie Guide forums. Forums are organized by topic including help and assistance, distribution specific issues, contacts and links and a general chat.

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