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Getting Started with Linux is a help site for Linux newbies.

"Linux Shortcuts and Commands"
Article: "Linux Shortcuts and Commands: Linux Newbie Administrator Guide," by Stan and Peter Klimas. Discusses several of the frequently used Linux commands.
"Getting the Most Out of Linux"
Tutorial: "Linux Online's Linux Course for Intermediate Level Users: Getting the most out of Linux," by Michael Jordan. Extensive 17-lesson free Linux tutorial. Sections include the author's guide to the intermediate course, system administration, installation tasks, backing up systems, users on a system, automation of tasks, other routine tasks, security issues, administration tools and their uses, text editors, using the Vi editor, using Emacs, other test editors, text processing and manipulation, Perl, system services, and the Linux kernel.
"Getting Started With Linux"
Tutorial: "Getting Started with Linux," by Michael Jordan. Extensive 19-lesson free Linux tutorial. Lessons include getting started with Linux, installation of Debian GNU/Linux, working with Linux, creating your 'routine' in Linux, day to day with Linux, shells in Linux, plumbing with "pipes" in Linux, how to get more information with Linux, other interesting and useful commands, power user commands, miscellaneous commands, becoming a super user, commands to control your system, file permissions in Linux, backing up your files, installing new programs, printing under Linux, getting Linux to make sounds, and graphic user interfaces with Linux.
Linux Download Information
General information about downloading Linux (does not include specifics for the various distributions of Linux).
Linux New User Information
Provides information for people new to the Linux kernel. Features include a glossary, FAQ, articles, documentation, useful scripts and mailing lists.
Linux Web Guide
The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide includes 12 chapters. Topics include an introduction to Linux, the benefits of using Linux, choosing a distribution, preparing to install Linux, installing Linux (Ubuntu 5.10), GNOME, how to get Linux software, installing software, using Linux everyday, managing files, and Linux commands.
Linux Wiki
The Linux kernel, a popular computer operating system kernel, is an example of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).
Linux is a free operating system based on Unix and developed by Linus Torvalds. It is open source software under the GPL (GNU Public License) that has benefited from contributions by developers worldwide. Site includes news, applications, downloads, distributions, documentation, projects, a bookstore, vendors, hardware, events, user groups, forums, tutorials and more.

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