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Linux Wikis
Linux Kernel Wiki
The Linux kernel is an example of FOSS software.
tcsh Wiki
Wikipedia entry for tcsh—a UNIX shell based on the C Shell (csh). Includes a brief introduction to tcsh and links to key tcsh resources.
C Shell (csh) Wiki
Wikipedia entry for C Shell (csh)—a C Shell developed for BSD UNIX.
Korn Shell (ksh) Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Korn Shell (ksh).
Bourne Again Shell (Bash) Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Bourne Again Shell (Bash)—a UNIX shell designed for GNU Linux. Includes an introduction to Bash, Bash syntax highlights and Bash startup scripts.
User Mode Linux (UML) Introduction
Wikipedia entry provides a brief introduction to User Mode Linux (UML).
Linux Loadable Kernel Module Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Linux Loadable Kernel Modules. Includes a description of LKMs, licensing information, criticisms and more.
User-Mode Linux Wiki
User-Mode Linux wiki. Discusses kernels, file systems and more.
Wikipedia entry for OSDL. Includes a brief description of OSDL and a list of the founding members.
uClinux Wiki
Wikipedia entry for uClinux. Includes a brief introduction to uClinux and links to some key resources.
Linspire Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Linspire. Topics include history, open source support, CNR (click and run service), language support and international editions, criticisms, and security concerns.
Slackware Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Slackware. Topics include history, releases, ZipSlack (a smaller version of Slackware), design philosophies, Internet communities, Slackware-based distributions and external links.
Mandriva Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Mandriva Linux. Includes a brief introduction to Mandriva Linux and external links to Mandriva resources.
SuSE Wiki
Wikipedia entry for SuSE Linux. Topics include history, features, versions, distribution, and more.
CentOS Wiki
Wikipedia entry for CentOS—an open source, freely available, Linux distribution based on Red Hat Linux. Topics include a history of CentOS, use with other projects, architectures, betas, and more.
Red Hat Enterprise Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Includes a brief introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, plus links to some key online resources.
Red Hat Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Red Hat Linux. Topics include the history, market, Fedora code, nomenclature, and more.
Debian Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Debian Linux. Topics include the history of Debain, releases, ports to various kernels, development versions, project organization, Debian package lifecycle, distributions based on Debian and more.
Damn Small Linux (DSL) Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Damn Small Linux (DSL). Topics include origins, what can fit in 50 megabytes, boot options, the MyDSL system, scripts, and versions.
Ubuntu Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Ubuntu Linux. Topics include features, components, availability of proprietary software, the Ubuntu Foundation, derivative projects, and reviews.
Gentoo Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Gentoo Linux. Topics include the history of Gentoo Linux, portability, portage, Init system, logo and mascots, installation, version history, criticism, and Gentoo-based distributions.
GNU Wiki
Wikipedia entry for GNU. Topics include history of GNU, licensing, design and implementation, GNU software, and distributions of GNU.
Linux Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Linux includes a section on the history of the Linux operating system.
"The Wonderful World of Wikis"
Tutorial: "The Wonderful World of Wikis: Create and Maintain Any Kind of Content, Quickly and Easily," by Michael J. Jordan. Shoes you how to create your own wiki and add content.

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