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SharePoint Resource Center

SharePoint Programming
Programming in Windows SharePoint Services
"Programming in Windows SharePoint Services," from the Microsoft Developer Network. Discusses namespaces in the Windows SharePoint Services Object Model, server and site architecture (object model overview), programming with the Microsoft.SharePoint and Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration namespaces, sample object model tasks, event fundamentals, programming with the Microsoft.SharePoint.Meetings namespace, programming with the Microsoft.HtlmTrans namespace, getting started with customizing a SharePoint website in Visual Studio, determining where to build a custom application, registering and importing namespaces, establishing site context, forms of URL strings, security validation and making posts to update data, converting data and time values, optimizing code performance, setting the culture and language and advanced extranet support.
Programming With Your SharePoint Web Part
Article: "Programming With Your SharePoint Web Part," by George P. Alexander, Jr. Discusses web parts and ASP.NET, Webpart controls, web controls, important methods to know, the RenderWebPart method, and the CreateChildControls method.

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