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SharePoint Resource Center

SharePoint Resource Sites
Microsoft SharePoint New and Reviews
The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server news and reviews site. Topics include the Microsoft Search Server Express 2007, the SharePoint Server 2007 turning point, Web 2.0 enhancements in SharePoint, social computing with SharePoint, the SharePoint content management system, and product reviews.
Windows SharePoint Services
Microsoft Developer Network Windows SharePoint Services site. Resources include usage event loading in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, development tools and techniques for working with code in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, developer introduction to workflows for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007, a developer map for SharePoint products and technologies (for download), InfoPath, blogs and forums, downloads, newsgroups, software development kits, technical articles and how-to videos.
SharePoint Tips And Tricks
SharePoint Tips And Tricks is the blog of Ishai Sagi. Topics include using the user field, getting a user from a list item, adding a value to a user field, SharePoint 2007, content query, enhances content query, event handlers, SharePoint features, the InfoPath, nested tasks, the SharePoint designer, CAML, search customization, best practices, and more.
SharePoint Security
"SharePoint Security: Code Access Security in MOSS," from ARB Security Solutions. Discusses what code access security is and why its exists, the code access security architecture; code access security, SharePoint and code permissions, first-class permission objects, code access security evidence, an example of a permission class web part file I/O permission; and code access security, evidence and SharePoint.
Developing Office SharePoint 2007 Application
“Developing Office SharePoint 2007 Application,” by Moim Hossain. Discusses the Office SharePoint Server 2007 portal site, the SharePoint object model, creating a portal site, site hierarchy and user managements, the web part, working with lists and document libraries, filtering list data using View and CAML, using SharePoint controls as UI elements, customizing web part shortcut menus and custom context menus, configuring SQL server authentication with Form authentication, and backing up and restoring a SharePoint site.
Microsoft SharePoint Server Page
SharePoint Server page on the Microsoft site. Information includes help, product information (overview, benefits, features, and buying information), how-to, training, templates, related products and technologies, resources, customer stories, SharePointPedia (community site), white papers, news, tools and links and more.
WSS: Beginning Web Part Development
Article: “Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services: Beginning Web Part Development,” from MSDN. Discusses configuring your development environment, how web parts work, starting a new web part project, writing web part output, adding layout controls and content, manipulating SharePoint objects, using the ASP.NET Event model, exposing custom properties, using web part tool parts, providing a design time HTML provider, assigning a strong name, and deploying custom web parts.
Creating Custom Administration Tools
Article: “Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services: Creating Custom Administration Tools,” from MSDN. Discusses accessing administrative methods, creating the TopSites web part, declaring namespaces and class variables, overriding the CreateChildControls method, writing the RepostLoaded event handler, writing the BtnAddClick event handler, writing the ListSites method, overriding the RenderWebPart method, and building, installing and testing the web part.
Task Pane to Consume SharePoint Server Query
Article: “Creating a Custom Task Pane to Consume SharePoint Server 2007 Query Services in Word 2007,” by Joel Krist. Discusses creating a custom task pane, creating a Word add-in project in Visual Studio 2005, adding a reference to the Enterprise Search query web service, adding a user control to implement the custom task pane, designing the user interface of the custom task pane, and adding Enterprise Search functionality to the custom task pane.
SharePoint Newsletter Generator
Article: "Build a SharePoint Newsletter Generator That Alerts Users to Changes," by Jeffrey Juday. Discusses Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), the newspaper application, SharePoint changes, the SharePoint SDK classes, applying the SharePoint SDK, security considerations, extending the newsletter, and keeping the SharePoint users updated.
Running Timed Jobs within SharePoint
"Running Timed Jobs within SharePoint, by Gustavo Velez. Discusses Windows SharePoint Services (WSS, the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), the SharePoint times jobs infrastructure, using the SharePoint administration pages, using the command line, using the object model, and programming a timed job.
SharePoint Community Portal
SharePoint Community Portal is a source of information on upgrades and migration. Topics include SharePoint forums, upgrade and migration information for developers, the upgrade toolkit and guidance for WSS, the SharePoint 2007 upgrade and migration, upgrading to Office SharePoint Server 2007 and upgrading to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and more.
MSDN Windows SharePoint Services Developer Center
The MSDN Windows SharePoint Services Developer Center. Resources available include articles, downloads, blogs, forums, newsgroups, software development kits, Visual how-to’s, related developer centers, and links to additional resources.
Usage Event Logging in Windows SharePoint Services
Article: “Usage Event Logging in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0,” by Radu Rusu, Erick R. Lerma, and Les W. Smith. Introduces usage event logging, and discusses supplementing Usage event logging with IIS logs, examining the Usage Log file format, parsing the Usage event logs, and testing a code sample.
Getting Started with SharePoint Technologies
"Getting Started with SharePoint Technologies," by Robert Holmes. Discusses getting started with SharePoint, preliminary considerations, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), groups, enterprise content management (ECM), business intelligence (BI), workflows (WF), site collections, users, and site structure.
Software Development Life Cycle in MOSS & WSS 2007
"Managing the Software Development Life Cycle in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and WSS," by Nick Kellett. Discusses the software development life cycle (SDLC), site templates, the SharePoint designer, the SharePoint solution generator, the WSPBuilder, echo for SharePoint 2007 (a software life cycle development tool), and other tools and resources.
Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Sites
Article: "Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Sites," from Microsoft Office Online. Discusses what role-based templates for SharePoint My Sites are, administrative assistant template, controller-financial analysis template, customer service manager template, HR manager template, IT manager template, marketing manager template, sales account manager template and role-based templates for SharePoint My Sites.

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