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SharePoint Sample Chapters
The Microsoft Application Platform and SharePoint
Sample chapter: “The Microsoft Application Platform and SharePoint,” from Professional SharePoint 2007 Development, by John Holliday, John Alexander, Jeff Julian, Eli Robillard, Brendon Schwartz, Matt Ranlett, J. Dan Attis, Adam Buenz and Tom Rizzo (June 2007). Discusses SharePoint products and technologies, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, the Microsoft application platform, data management, storage, reporting, analysis, visualization and business intelligence, workflow, and communications.
Getting Started with Windows SharePoint
Sample chapter: “Getting Started with Windows SharePoint,” from Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, by Ted Pattison and Daniel Larson (April 2007). Discusses site provisioning, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, web applications vs. virtual servers, and sites and site collections.
Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint 2007
Sample chapter: “Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint 2007,” from Beginning SharePoint 2007 Administration: Windows SharePoint Services 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, by Goran Husman (June 2007). Discusses what SharePoint is, the history of SharePoint, differences between WSS and MOSS, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, what you need to run SharePoint, and software requirements.
Getting to Know SharePoint
Sample chapter: “Getting to Know SharePoint,” from Microsoft SharePoint for Dummies, by Vanessa L. Williams (April 2007). Discusses understanding SharePoint technology, setting up SharePoint, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), data storage and content management, and security.
Introduction to SharePoint Technologies
Sample chapter: “Introduction to SharePoint Technologies,” from SharePoint 2007 User’s Guide: Learning Microsoft’s Collaboration and Productivity Platform, by Seth Bates and Tony Smith (February 2007). Discusses what Microsoft SharePoint 2007 is, the evolution of SharePoint, why SharePoint is valuable, what the building blocks are, sites, and a sites overview.
Planning Redundancy & Scaling in SharePoint
Sample chapter: “Planning Redundancy and Scaling the SharePoint Environment,” from Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Unleashed, by Michael Noel and Colin Spence (April 2007). Discusses understanding scaling for SharePoint, mapping SharePoint functionality to business needs, planning for capacity with SharePoint, gauging content growth, utilizing and choosing network load balancing for SharePoint, scaling SQL Server with high availability alternatives, log shipping, utilizing shared services across SharePoint Farms, justifying and deploying business portals, leveraging full portal collaboration with Office 2007/2003 technologies, managing business processes with BizTalk Server 2006, using SharePoint for sharing information with partners or clients, deploying a team collaboration solution with SharePoint, deploying a corporate intranet solution with SharePoint, deploying a customer extranet solution with SharePoint, and more.
Introduction to SharePoint
Sample chapter: “Introduction to SharePoint,” from Real World SharePoint 2007: Indispensable Experiences from 16 MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server) and WSS MVPs, by Robert Boque, Adam Buenz, Andrew Connell, Stacey Draper, Luis Du Solier Grinda, Todd Klindt, Jason Medero, Dustin Miller, Shane Perran, Joris Poelmans, Heather Solomon, Nick Swan, Jan Tielens, Mike Walsh, Shane Young and Scot Hillier (August 2007). Discusses looking at the old and the new (evolution of SharePoint 2007), what’s new in SharePoint 2007, and installing WSS 3.0.
Getting Started with MS Office SharePoint Server
Sample chapter: “Getting Started with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server,” from Beginning SharePoint 2007: Building Team Solutions with MOSS 2007, by Amanda Murphy and Shane Perran (June 2007). Discusses portal technologies and SharePoint, what portal technology is, why organizations invest in portal technology, what SharePoint is, comparing WSS and SharePoint, primary benefits of WSS, why choose Windows SharePoint Services, and planning.
Introducing SharePoint Products and Technologies
Sample chapter: “Introducing SharePoint Products and Technologies,” from Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Bible, by Avitiva Corp, Wynne Leon, Wayne Tynes and Simeon Cathey (June 2007). Discusses exploring Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, user profiles, audiences, content targeting, the My Site feature, enhanced notification services, enterprise search, portals, content management, document management, policy and records management, collaboration, process automation, choosing between MOSS and WSS, and comparing MOSS and WSS.
Introducing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 200
Sample chapter: “Introducing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007,” from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrator’s Companion, by Bill English and the Microsoft SharePoint Community Experts (January 2007). Discusses the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 product matrix, the MY Site personal portals, the knowledge network, custom features, search and indexing, content management (web, records, and document).

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