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Attention Economy
Attention Shoppers!
Article: "Attention Shoppers!" by Michael H. Goldhaber. Discusses how attention may replace currency in the new economy (many companies and media competing for the attention of the same people). How cyberspace is making it easier for everyone to grab some attention (i.e., blogs, Web sites, etc.).
The Art and the Attention Economy
Article: "The Art and the Attention Economy in Real Space and Cyberspace," by Michael H. Goldhaber. Discusses the differences in viewing art in a museum (or other venue) where you may interact with it (i.e., see its texture) versus seeing it on a computer screen where users may only see it for a short period of time.
The New Economics of Media,1
 "The New Economics of Media: Macromedia, Connected Consumption, and the Snowball Effect," by Umair Haque.
eLearning and the Attention Economy
Article: "eLearning and the Attention Economy: Here, There and Everywhere?" by Thomas H. Davenport. Discusses the attention (a scarce resource) crisis in terms of how much information is available and how we manage it.  How much attention is devoted to learning (in many cases as much as 17 years) and attending to attention (how you manage your attention).
Wikipedia Article on Attention
Definition of the attention economy and its history.
The Attention Economy Meets Spam
Article: "The Attention Economy Meets Spam," by Waldemar Ingdahl. Discusses how spam intrudes on users' attention. What is the value of a user's attention? Does spam rob users of this commodity?
The Value of Attention
Article: "The Value of Attention," from OpenBusiness (a platform for sharing business ideas built around the concept of openness, free service and free access). Interview with Esther Dyson discusses how businesses are adapting to the Internet environment that favors openness and how attention may become the new currency.
Eight Ideas Driving the Attention Economy
Article: "Eight Ideas Driving the Attention Economy," blog posting by Cepreez. Discusses situated software (software developed for a small number of users and used for a short period of time), participation, social currency, market of conversations, background devices and pervasive.
The Economy of Attention
Article: "The Economy of Attention," by Georg Franck. Discusses the decline of material wealth (in favor of the attention of others), media and prominence (offering people information in exchange for their attention), turning attention into cash, market and accumulation of the attention income (how much attention is being generated to either a company or person), history and the emergence of a new quarternary sector (occupations in the information sector) of the economy.
The Attention Economy and the NET
Article: "The Attention Economy and the NET," by Michael H. Goldhaber. Discusses the new natural economy, illusory attention, the effect of the audience, how wealth and property are taking new forms, money and attention, business as performance (i.e., currently by determining if a company is number one in its field), and advice for the transition, using the Net to bring more attention to you and your business.

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