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Community Generated Content Resource Center


Community Generated Content: Social Content Sites
Hollywood Stock Exchange
The Hollywood Stock Exchange site allows member to trade their "hollywood dollars" (each new member receives two million upon joining) for shares of their favorite actors and actresses, and their new movies. Data generated on the site is available as market research to the entertainment industry, print media, television and radio.
The TWOCrowds site allows visitors to make their own predictions (e.g., who will win the Super Bowl) and see how their predictions match those of the community. Predictions can be made on any category (politics, sports, technology and entertainment). To add a prediction you must register. Visitors are free to browse posted predictions.
LiveJournal is a social network for sharing journals and blogs with friends or groups. Members can decide if they wish to share their journals or blogs with specific people, with anyone, or keep their information private (not share at all). Friends can keep up with the blogs and journals of other friends, or connect through communities. Members can join existing communities or start new ones.
Yahoo! 360°
Yahoo! 360° is a free social networking site where users can share photos, blogs, and other interests with friends. Users create and design their own web pages. Children under 13 can join only a family group set up by their parents.
Xanga is a social network for sharing diaries and journals. There are three levels of membership. The Classic membership is free. Xanga features include photo hosting, publishing, security, remote posting, archives (access and downloading), and design. is a source of user submitted content. Topics include community, social media, news, video games, spam, Web 2.0, creative writing, news and more. The number of "blinks" is the number of people who viewed the podcast. Ratings are on a five-star basis.
We Are Smarter
The We Are Smarter site is looking for a thousand authors to help write a book on how the emergence of community and social networks will change the future rules of business. The book is scheduled to be published in March 2007 by Pearson Publishing.
Ma.gnolia is a site where members can save their bookmarked sites and organize them with tags. The sites are saved for future use by the member and can be shared with other members and friends. The site also makes copies (where permitted) of the web pages its members have bookmarked so that the pages will always be available.
Reddit allows the community to control the editorial content of the site by adding content resources and voting on the content submitted by others. Over time, Reddit learns your likes and dislikes and can filter the content based on your specific tastes.
Digg is a social content website in which the community drives the content. Users submit news stories (articles, blog entries, etc.). The community votes on the articles submitted. The most popular stories rise to the top. You can also track your friends' activity on the site to follow the news stories they like and dislike. is a social bookmarking (or tagging) site. Sign up for an account to create a collection of your favorite web sites, blogs, news stories, etc. Share your favorites with other users or check out the sites that others have bookmarked. Search by keyword to find sites users have tagged related to that keyword. Each result includes a link to the site and shows the number of users who have saved that site in their bookmarks.

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