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Mashups Resource Center


Mashup Resources
Smashforce Press Release
Press release announcing the Smashforce AJAX Toolkit from—a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The Smashforce tool will allow users to mashup applications such as Google Maps with their Multiforce and Sforce enterprise applications.
Ning Free Mashup Tool
Use this free tool to create your own “social applications.” Check out some of the applications people have created using Ning including a map of San Francisco Bay area hiking trails, restaurant reviews with maps, and more. Ning was co-founded by Marc Andreessen—one of the founders of Netscape.
"Building Mash-ups for Non-Programmers" Mash-ups for Non-Programmers
Article: "Building Mash-ups for Non-Programmers," from MashWorks. Gives non-programmers sources for creating mashups.
APIs From Technorati
APIs available at Technorati include CosmosQuery, SearchQuery, GetInfoQuery, OutboundQuery, and BlogInfoQuery. New and experimental APIs include TagQuery, AttentionQuery, and KeyInfo.
APIs From FlickR
APIs available from FlickR include updating photos, replacing photos, example requests, and asynchronous uploading. API kits include ActionScript, Cold Fusion, Common Lisp, cUrl, Delphi, Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, PHP5, Python, REALbasic, and Ruby.
APIs From Google
APIs available from Google include Google Maps, Google AJAX Search API, Google Toolbar API, AdWords API, Google Data APIs, Google Checkout API, and WikiWalki (Google APIs used in Google Maps).
ProgrammableWeb Mashups
ProgrammableWeb is a source for the latest in mashups and what's new in APIs and web platforms. Check out the newest mashups, popular mashups and more. Search for mashups by common tags including mapping, photo, search, shopping, sports, travel, messaging, news, transit and real estate.
Mashups Wiki
Wikipedia definition for “mashup.”

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