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Social Networking Resource Center


Business and Professional Networking Sites
Yorz is a business networking site that allowsyou to network with other professionals in your field, find and post jobs within the community, join alumni groups for your schools and companies, and more.
Ecademy is a social network for business people. Use it to build a network of business professionals, share contacts and knowledge, find jobs, connect with potential clients, attend networking events, and more. You can join clubs on the site, participate in online meetings, maintain your own blog to share with the community, list goods and services in the marketplace and more.
Ryze is a business networking site that helps you grow your business contacts, find a job, make sales, keep in touch with friends and colleagues, and more. Send messages to other users, join groups related to your industry and interests, and find groups by location. Check out the site for user testimonials and recent press coverage about Ryze.
Xing (formerly the Open Business Club) is a business networking site where users can grow their network of professional contacts. Find professionals, business opportunities, potential employees and more. Business 2.0/CNN Money recently named Xing as one of the hottest Web 2.0 startup companies.
LinkedIn is a social and career networking community that allows users to find jobs or potential employees, consultants and business partners. LinkedIn Jobs allows users to search job listings and connect with hiring managers, recruiters, etc.

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Update :: January 17, 2020