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Social Networking Resource Center


Introduction to Social Networking
"Motivations for Contributing to Online Communitie
Wikipedia entry entitled "Motivations for Contributing to Online Communities" discusses why people are driven to participate in online communities (e.g., anticipated reciprocity, increased recognition, sense of efficacy and sense of community) and provides examples of some key communities including Usenet, The Well, AOL, Slashdot and Wikipedia.
Social Networks Wiki
Wikipedia entry for social networks. Topics include an introduction to social networks, applications of social network theory (applications in social science, popular applications, degrees of separation and the global social network, Internet social networks and quantities in social networks analysis), and more.
"Friends, Friendster and Top 8"
Paper: "Friends, Friendster and Top 8: Writing Community into Being on Social Network Sites," by Danah Boyd. Investigates the meaning of friendship on social networking sites and how friendship affects the culture on those sites. Topics include the meaning of friendship, making friends, connecting and collecting, to be a friend or not to be a friend, friending as context creation, egocentric networks replacing groups and more.

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Update :: January 17, 2020