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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS) Articles
"The Pros and Cons of Hosted Software"
Article: "The Pros and Cons of Hosted Software," by Mini Peiris. Discusses pros: such as vendors handle all of the software, backup, recovery, data management, and upgrades; lower cost of ownership, scalability, upgrades, and accessibility; cons such as: single-tenant architectures, outages and accessibility when users do not have access to the Internet.
"Software On Demand: The End of IT as We..."
Article: "Software On Demand: The End of IT as We Know It?" by Eric Knorr. Discusses the cons of enterprise IT such as complexity, licensing and hardware investments, software deployment cycles, outages and compliance; software-by-subscription, ease of customization and integration, reliability, and security.
“Thinking About Software as a Service”
Article: “Thinking About Software as a Service,” from TechRepublic. Discusses how Software as a Service will impact the software industry, how SaaS will change how software is built, bought, and used; and the concepts behind SaaS.
"The Benefits of the Software-as-a-Service Model"
Article: "The Benefits of the Software-as-a-Service Model," by Curt Finch. Discusses common terms used (SaaS, ASP, hosted, and on-demand), reasons for SaaS, questions you should ask when considering SaaS, pros of SaaS such as: easier IT, lower cost and risk, server protection, and upgrades.
"Marketing Systems: Taking Advantage of SaaS"
Article: "Marketing Systems: Taking Advantage of Software as a Service for Marketing Systems," by David M. Raab. Discusses what companies should consider when looking at Saas including: Familiarizing yourself with the options, considering the boundaries of your current applications, removing the barriers to SaaS deployment, and moving toward a more open IT infrastructure. Site registration is required to access this article.
"On-Demand Business Intelligence and SaaS"
Article: "On-Demand Business Intelligence and Software as a Service: Revolutionizing Small to Medium-Sized Businesses," by George O'Conor. Discusses reasons for small to medium-sized business to use on-demand business intelligence (BI) and Saas, the failures of in-house BI solutions, hosted on-demand BI, how on-demand BI works, why on-demand BI is the answer, and selecting an on-demand BI vendor. Site registration is required to access this article.
"Security May Dog Software as a Service",1759,1918663,00.asp
Article: "Security May Dog Software as a Service," by Dennis Fisher and Paul F. Roberts. Discusses security weaknesses in on-demand applications, security problems, what to look for before jumping into on demand software and applications, and development worries.
"What Does SaaS Mean for Business Intelligence?"
Article: "What Does Software as a Service Mean for Business Intelligence?" by Colin White. Discusses on-demand software purchasing, on-demand IT service-oriented architecture (SOA), on-demand application services, the business case for SaaS, and how SaaS 2.0 will affect business intelligence.
"A Field Guide to Software as a Service"
Article: "A Field Guide to Software as a Service," by Eric Knorr, Leon Erlanger, and James R. Borck. Discusses browser-based, pay-as-you-go applications; back office applications (e.g., ERP, purchasing, etc.), messaging, integration, and CRM.
"Multi-Tenant Data Architecture"
Article: "Multi-Tenant Data Architecture," by Frederick Chong, Gianpaolo Carraro and Roger Wolter. Discusses three approaches to multi-tenant data (including shared databases; shared database, separate schemas; shared database, shared schema, choosing an approach, economic, security, and tenant considerations, realizing a multi-tenant data architecture, security patterns (filtering, permissions, and encryption), trusted database connections, secure database tables, tenant view filter, tenant data encryption, preallocated fields, name-value pairs, custom columns, using data model extensions, scaling techniques, tenant-based horizontal partitioning, and single tenant scaleout.
"Architecture Strategies for Catching the Long Tai
Article: "Architecture Strategies for Catching the Long Tail," by Frederick Chong and Gianpaolo Carraro. Overviews SaaS for software delivery, the architecture of an SaaS application, and the challenges and benefits of SaaS. Topics include what SaaS is, thinking about software as a service, changing the business model, three attributes of single-instance multi-tenant architecture, the software as a service maturity model, choosing a maturity level, high-level architecture, metadata services, security services, authentication, authorization, scalability, operational structure, and shared services.
"SaaS: An Enterprise Perspective"
Article: "Software as a Service (SaaS): An Enterprise Perspective," by Gianpaolo Carraro and Fred Chong. Discusses understanding Saas, benefits of consuming SaaS, the SaaS continua, considerations for embracing SaaS, the service-centric IT, how SaaS affects IT, integration architecture, composition architecture, and becoming an SaaS provider.

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