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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS): Google Apps Premier
Google Pack Software Applications
Google Pack—an assortment of software applications that can be downloaded, updated and customized—is currently available to users who have administrator privileges. Applications include: Google Earth—a 3-D Earth browser for obtaining maps and directions, and locating businesses, hotels, etc.; Picasa—a picture organization, editor, locator, and sharer that also enables users to correct photos (e.g., get rid of red eye); Google Pack Screensaver—allows users to create screensavers from their photos; Google Desktop—helps users locate files, emails, and personalize their information on the sidebar; Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer—conduct a search from any web page, and auto-fill forms and block pop-ups. Additional software includes: Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar, Norton Anti-Virus 2005 Special Edition, Ad-Ware SE Personal—an anti-spyware utility that detects and removes spyware, and helps protect your privacy; Adobe Reader 7—view, search and print PDF files. Optional software includes: Google Talk—a voice and instant Messenger (IM) application; RealPlayer—media player that allows users to play popular media formats, organize videos and music, and transfer music to an iPod or other music player; Skype—free voice and video service (see our Skype Resource Center); Google Video Player—allows users to play videos that were purchased and downloaded from the Google Video website; and GalleryPlayer HD Images—a source of high-quality art and photos that users can display as their screensavers.
"Google Apps Premier Edition: Another Way to..."
Article: "Google Apps Premier Edition: Another Way to Get Things Done," by Iuliu Blaga. Discusses the the features of the new Google Apps Premier Edition and how the fee-based service works. It lists the advantages of the system not being OS specific, availability (as ling as users have access to the Internet), ease for developing new applications or functionality, ease of collaboration between multiple users, and the Google Page Creator for fast development of a web presence. Some of the disadvantages include no alternative to PowerPoint Slides (critical for many business presentations), dependence on the Internet (can not be used unless Internet access is available), and security as all of your documents will stored on Google.
"Google to Charge to Keep Balls in the Air"
Article: "Google to Charge to keep Balls in the Air," by Joe Fay. Discusses the launch of the new Google Apps Premier Edition, a fee-based SaaS service that includes spreadsheets, docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, and a custom start page feature. Subscribers will receive 10GB of storage, APIs that allow users integrate the suite with their existing software, 24/7 support and a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. The display of advertising is optional and companies opting for the service can turn off any advertising, and Gmail for mobile will be available on Blackberry.
Google Apps Premier
Google Apps Premier—is a hosted software service that is free to download and use through April 30, 2007, after which a yearly subscription fee per user will apply. Users can use the following applications: Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Talk by setting up individual and customizing accounts for each member of their organization; Docs and Spreadsheets—allows users to share documents and spreadsheets in real time; learn how this service can benefit small businesses, enterprises, schools, groups and families.

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