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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS): Microsoft Windows Live
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail. A description of the e-mail tool that allows users to receive e-mails from several accounts and integrate the email with other Windows Live applications. The application also allows users to compose emails offline, create slide shows, share images, get RSS feeds and newsgroup updates; has a virus scanner, protects users from spam and color codes messages.
Windows Live Writer Zone Team Blog
Blog: Windows Live Writer Zone team blog is a source of announcements about Windows Live Writer an application for blogs. Topics include most recent updates and downloads. Additional links provide information developer forums, Writer forums, and a plug-ins gallery.
Windows Live Writer Zone RSS Feeds
RSS Feed: Subscribe to the Windows Live Writer Zone RSS feeds to obtain updates such as the latest versions of Firefox, beta updates, new plug-ins, community plug-ins (such as Flickr4Writer and Tag4Writer), and issues concerning compatibility.
Microsoft Windows Live Writer Information Site!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!174.entry
Microsoft Windows Live Writer information site. Download a beta version of Windows Live Writer, an application for creating blogs using Windows Live Spaces. Features include WISIWYG authoring, photo publishing, map publishing, supports really simple discoverability (RSD), Metaweblog API, and Moveable Type API, the SDK assists developers in designing applications that include features such as using photos from photo publishing sites, embedding audio and video, linking to e-commerce sites, and including tags from tagging services.
Microsoft's Windows Live "Ideas" Page
Microsoft's Windows Live "Ideas" page. Lists applications currently available from Microsoft. Next to each application are links that will enable you to get more information about that application, try it out, sign up, or download. There is also a listing of released Windows Live products with a brief explanation of each.

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Update :: January 17, 2020