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Web 3.0 Resource Center


Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web
"SVG and X3D in the Context of the XML Family..."
Sample chapter: "SVG and X3D in the Context of the XML Family and the Semantic Web," from Visualizing Information Using SVG and X3D, January 2005, by Valdimir Geroimenko and Chaomei Chen. Discusses HTML to XML and the semantic web, the main features of XML. HTML and XHTML.
"Semantic Web Interaction through Trust..."
"Semantic Web Interaction through Trust Network Recommender Systems," by Jennifer Golbeck of the University of Maryland. Discusses FilmTrust—a site that uses trust in Semantic Web-based social networks to provide movie recommendations. Provides an introduction to the FilmTrust site and services, then discusses how the site provides personalization features including computing recommended movie ratings, determining the accuracy of recommended ratings, and presenting ordered reviews.
"A Web-based Conversational Case-Based..."
Paper: "A Web-based Conversational Case-Based Recommender System for Ontology-aided Metadata Discovery," by Mehmet S. Aktas, Marlon Pierce and Geoffrey C. Fox of Community Grids Labs at Indiana University, and David Leake from the Computer Science Department at Indiana University. Discusses the development of a recommender system for metadata discovery. The recommender system uses Conversational Case-Based Reasoning (CCBR) with Semantic Web markup languages.
"What is the Semantic Web, Actually?"
Blog entry: "What is the Semantic Web, Actually?" by Nova Spivak (November 12, 2006). Addresses some of the common misconceptions about the Semantic Web. For example, the Semantic Web is not a single web, it is not separate from the existing web, it is not just about unstructured data and more.
"Web 2.0 isn’t Dead, but Web 3.0 is Bubbling Up"
Blog entry: "Web 2.0 isn’t Dead, but Web 3.0 is Bubbling Up" by Dan Farber for ZDNet (November 12, 2006). Discusses the difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, where Web 2.0 can be defined by technologies such as mashups, and Web 3.0 is generally associated with the semantic web which will allow users to find targeted answers to their questions.
"Semantic Web 3.0 Sanity Check"
Blog entry: "Semantic Web 3.0 Sanity Check" by Danny Ayers, a Semantic Web developer (November 13, 2006). Addresses the article, "Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense: Pushing the Boundary of How Information Can be Organized," by John Markoff in the New York Times (November 12, 2006).
"Making Sense of the Semantic Web"
Article: "Making Sense of the Semantic Web: Can Applied Semantics Help Google Make Sense of the Web?" discusses whether the acquisition by Google of the company Applied Semantics, Inc. will help make their online contextual ads more useful to users using semantic technology versus just keyword optimization.
"Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google?"
Blog entry: "Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google?" by Marc Fawzi. Discusses Web 3.0, also known as the Semantic Web, and how Wikipedia 3.0 built on the Semantic Web could potentially replace Google as the best way to find answers on the web.
Semantic Web FAQ
Semantic Web FAQ. Find answers to questions including
  • What is the Semantic Web?
  • What are RDF, Ontologies, Rules…?
  • How does the Semantic Web relate to…?
  • How do I participate in the Semantic Web?
W3C's Semantic Web Page
Visit the W3C's Semantic Web page for an introduction to the Semantic Web. Learn how the Semantic Web will create common formats for exchanging data online. Site includes specifications, publications, articles, interviews, presentations, working groups and more.
Semantic Web Wiki
Wikipedia entry for the Semantic Web. Topics include an introduction to the Semantic Web, its relationship to the hypertext web, components, the purpose of the Semantic Web, potential threats and criticism of the Semantic Web, and more. Includes links to additional resources.

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