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Visual C# 2012 How to Program Cover

ISBN: 0133379337 
© 2014, pp. 1017

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VC#300—Advanced Visual C#Minimize


This 5-day, lecture-and-lab course presents enterprise and web-application development techniques in Visual C#. Key topics include Language Integrated Query (LINQ), XML, LINQ to XML, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Manipulating databases with LINQ to SQL, SQL Server Express, ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET AJAX, building web services with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), consuming WCF web services and building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with Silverlight. 



  • Review of Chapter 9—Introduction to LINQ and Generic Collections              
  • Review of Chapter 16—GUI with Windows Presentation Foundation            

XML and LINQ to XML   

  • W3C XML Schema Documents
  • Extensible Stylesheet Language and XSL Transformations
  • LINQ to XML: Document Object Model (DOM)
  • LINQ to XML: XML Axis Properties
  • LINQ to XML: XML Literals and Embedded Expressions
  • XSLT with Class XslCompiledTransform

Database, SQL and LINQ to SQL                

  • Relational Databases
  • Relational Database Overview: Books Database
  • Overview Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • LINQ to SQL (SQL in this case means Microsoft’s SQL Server DBMS)
  • Creating LINQ to SQL Classes
  • Creating Data Bindings
  • More Complex LINQ Queries and Data Binding
  • Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables with LINQ
  • Creating a Master/Detail View Application
  • Programming with LINQ to SQL: Address-Book Case Study

ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET AJAX                

  • Simple HTTP Transactions
  • Multitier Application Architecture
  • Creating and Running a Simple Web-Form Example
  • Examining an ASPX File
  • Examining a Code-Behind File
  • Relationship Between an ASPX File and a Code-Behind File
  • How the Code in an ASP.NET Web Page Executes
  • Examining the XHTML Generated by an ASP.NET Application
  • Building an ASP.NET Web Application
  • Web Controls
    • Text and Graphics Controls
    • AdRotator Control
    • Validation Controls
  • Session Tracking
    • Cookies
    • Session Tracking with HttpSessionState
  • Case Study: Guestbook Application—Connecting to a Database in ASP.NET
  • Case Study: Secure Books Database Application
    • Traditional Web Applications
    • Ajax Web Applications
    • Examining an ASP.NET AJAX Application
  • New ASP.NET 3.5 Data Controls

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Web Services      

  • WCF Services Basics
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  • Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Publishing and Consuming SOAP-Based WCF Web Services
    • Creating a WCF Web Service
    • Code for the WelcomeSOAPXMLService
    • Building a SOAP WCF Web Service
    • Deploying the WelcomeSOAPXMLService
    • Creating a Client to Consume the WelcomeSOAPXMLService
    • Consuming the WelcomeSOAPXMLService
  • Publishing and Consuming REST-Based XML Web Services
    • Creating a REST-Based XML WCF Web Service
    • Consuming a REST-Based XML WCF Web Service
  • Publishing and Consuming REST-Based JSON Web Services
    • Creating a REST-Based JSON WCF Web Service
    • Consuming a REST-Based JSON WCF Web Service
  • Blackjack Web Service          
    • Using Session Tracking in a SOAP-Based WCF Web Service
    • Creating a Blackjack Web Service
    • Consuming the Blackjack Web Service
  • Airline Reservation Web Service
    • Database Access and Invoking a Service from ASP.NET
  • Equation Generator: Returning User-Defined Types
    • Creating the REST-Based XML EquationGenerator Web Service
    • Consuming the REST-Based XML EquationGenerator Web Service
    • Creating the REST-Based JSON WCF EquationGenerator Web Service
    • Consuming the REST-Based JSON WCF EquationGenerator Web Service

Silverlight, Rich Internet Applications and Multimedia                

  • Platform Overview
  • Silverlight Demos
  • Silverlight Runtime and Tools Installation
  • Building a Silverlight WeatherViewer Application
  • GUI Layout
  • Obtaining and Displaying Weather Forecast Data
  • Custom Controls
  • Animations and the FlickrViewer
  • Images and Deep Zoom
    • Getting Started With Deep Zoom Composer
    • Creating a Silverlight Deep Zoom Application
  • Audio and Video
  • Isolated Storage


  • $13,995 lecture fee for up to 20 students maximum. Add $1,000 for international or custom classes.
  • Client purchases the books, at its own expense, directly from Pearson (the publisher) at the discounted Deitel rate.
  • Instructor Travel Reimbursement (if travel is required).

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