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C++ How to Program, 5/e

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[Note: This tutorial is an excerpt (Sections 23.1) of Chapter 23, Standard Template Library (STL), from our textbook C++ How to Program, 5/e. These tutorials may refer to other chapters or sections of the book that are not included here. Permission Information: Deitel, Harvey M. and Paul J., C++ HOW TO PROGRAM, ©2005, pp.1112-1123. Electronically reproduced by permission of Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.]

23.1.3 Introduction to Algorithms (Continued)

Figure 23.11 shows many of the mutating-sequence algorithms—i.e., the algorithms that result in modifications of the containers to which the algorithms are applied.

Mutating-sequence algorithms
copy remove reverse_copy
copy_backward remove_copy rotate
fill remove_copy_if rotate_copy
fill_n remove_if stable_partition
generate replace swap
generate_n replace_copy swap_ranges
iter_swap replace_copy_if transform
partition replace_if unique
random_shuffle reverse unique_copy

Fig. 23.11 Mutating-sequence algorithms.

Figure 23.12 shows many of the nonmutating sequence algorithms?i.e., the algorithms that do not result in modifications of the containers to which they are applied.

Nonmutating sequence algorithms
adjacent_find find find_if
count find_each mismatch
count_if find_end search
equal find_first_of search_n

Fig. 23.12 Nonmutating sequence algorithms.

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