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Visual C# 2005 How to Program, 2/e
Visual C# 2005 How to Program, 2/e

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Part 4 Continued: 21.4.4  How the Code in an ASP.NET Web Page Executes
Let's look briefly at how the code for our Web page executes. When an instance of the page is created, the Init event occurs first, invoking method Page_Init. Method Page_Init can contain code needed to initialize objects and other aspects of the page. After Page_Init executes, the Load event occurs, and the Page_Load event handler executes. Although not present in this example, this event is inherited from class Page. You will see examples of the Page_Load event handler later in the chapter. After this event handler finishes executing, the page processes events that are generated by the page's controls, such as user interactions with the GUI. When the Web Form object is ready for garbage collection, an Unload event occurs, which calls the Page_Unload event handler. This event, too, is inherited from class Page. Page_Unload typically contains code that releases resources used by the page.
Examining the XHTML Generated by an ASP.NET Application

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