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Windows Vista Resource Center


Windows Vista Resource Sites
Microsoft Windows Vista Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Microsoft Windows Vista. Topics include development, new or improved features (end-user features, core technologies, security-related technologies, business technologies, developer technologies and deprecated features), visual styles, hardware requirements, editions and pricing, criticism, reviews and screenshots.
Windows Vista Magazine
Windows Vista Magazine includes articles, blogs, help, guides (topics include taking screenshots, setting up your PC so it's safe for kids, quick fixes, security, streaming from your PC to Xbox 360, importing pictures from your digital camera, turning your movie into a DVD, finding the version of Windows Vista that's right for you, and more) and message boards (Windows Vista help, the magazine, buying advice and more).
Windows Vista Activity Center
Windows Vista Activity Center includes featured articles, Windows Vista reviews, a Windows Vista FAQ, news, podcasts, screenshots, movies and more. The Windows Vista FAQ addresses questions about the development process, security, features, benefits for businesses, future versions, and the name of the operating system. 
Windows Vista Site
Windows Vista site includes all the information you need about Microsoft's latest version of the Windows operating System, Vista. Find screenshots, watch demos, learn the differences between Vista and previous editions of Windows, learn more about the new features and buy an upgrade.

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Update :: November 17, 2019