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Python Resource Center


Dive Into Python, by Mark Pilgrim. A free online book that can downloaded. Topics discussed include installing Python, declaring functions, datatypes, documenting functions, dictionaries, lists, tuples, variables, formatting strings, optional arguments, named arguments, using type, str, dir, built-in functions, getattr, lambda functions, classes, exceptions, file handling, HTML processing, XML processing, scripts, streams, HTTP help services, SOAP web services, unit testing, refactoring, functional programming and dynamic functions. A popular site.
A Byte of Python, by C. H. Swaroop. This is a free book that can be read online or downloaded. Topics include installation, literal constants, numbers, strings, variables, identifier names, data types, objects, operators, operator precedence, expressions, control flow, if, while, break and continue statements, for loop, functions, keyword arguments, modules, data structures, list, tuple, dictionary, strings, object-oriented programming, classes, inheritance, input/output, files, exception handling, Python Standard Library and much more. A popular site.

Free onlne book: Python Imaging Library Handbook, modules discussed include Image, ImageChops, ImageColor, ImageDraw, ImageEnhance, ImageFile, ImageFileIO, ImageFilter, ImageFont, ImageGrab, ImageOps, ImagePath, ImagePalette, ImageSequence, ImageStat, ImageTk, ImageWin, PSDraw, ImageCrackCode and ImageMath. Scripts include pildriver, pilconvert, pilfile, pilfont and pilprint.
Free online book: GUI Programming with Python: Qt Edition, by Boudewijn Rempt. Discusses interfaces such as the menubar, toolbars, project management and the Python shell. Other topics include programming fundamentals, debugging and debugging techniques, Qt concepts, signals and slots, objects, base classes, application classes, keyboard accelerators, automatic testing, view and document managers, using dialog windows, drag-and-drop and printing.

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