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"What’s New in Python 2.4"
Paper: "What’s New in Python 2.4" by A. M. Kuchling. Topics discussed include built-in set objects, unifying long integers and integers, generator expressions, string substitutions, decorators for functions and methods, reverse iteration, the subprocess module, decimal data type, multi-line imports, the new, improved and deprecated modules, build and C API changes, port specific changes and porting to Python 2.0.
Python 2.4 Quick Reference
A quick reference to Python 2.4. Topics covered are invocation options, environment variables, lexical entities, identifiers, string literals, Boolean constants, dictionaries, basic types and their operations, numeric types, floats, integers, long integers, decimals, sequence types, lists, strings, tuples, type list, type dict, str, Unicode, advanced types, statements, assignment operators, control flow statements, exception statements, namespace statements, function and class definition, iterators, generators, built-in exception classes, attributes and much more. A popular site
Python "Beginners Guide"
This "Beginners Guide" is everything the beginner needs to get started in Python. The guide contains an overview that explains what Python is, how to download the software, what version should be used, how to run programs under Windows, online documentation, and language reference.
Python Global Module Index
Python Global Module Index.  
"Distributing Python Modules"
Paper: "Distributing Python Modules" by Greg Ward. Discusses the Python Distribution Utilities (Distutils) for developers. Topics include writing the setup script, writing the setup configuration file, creating a source distribution, registering with the package index and API references.
"Installing Python Modules"
Paper: "Installing Python Modules" by Greg Ward. Discusses the Python Distribution Utilities (Distutils) for users. Topics include build and install, platform variations, modifying the search path, configuration files and building extensions.
"Documenting Python"
Paper: "Documenting Python" by Fred L. Drake Jr. Discusses the macros that support Python documentation and their use for output formats. Topics include a style guide, LaTeX primer, hierarchical structure, document classes, common environments, special markup constructs, processing tools and including graphics.
Python Version 2.4.2 Documentation
Python version 2.4.2 documentation free for download. Get both the documentation and installation instructions here. This version was released in September 2005.
Python FAQ
Python FAQs. Questions are categorized as general, about the language, programming, library and extension, GUI, Windows and installation.
Python language home page. Includes documentation for the various versions of the language, beginners guide, security advisories, newsgroups, user groups, job listings, weblogs, and FAQs. A popular site.

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