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Python Resource Center


Tutorials and Webcasts
"Python 101—Introduction to Python"
Tutorial: "Python 101—Introduction to Python" by Dave Kuhlman. Introduces Python topics including data types, strings, sequences, dictionaries, simple statements such as print, import, assert and global, the if, for, while and try-except structures, reading text files, iterator objects, functions, classes, instances, modules and packages.
"The What, Why, Who, and Where of Python"
Tutorial: "The What, Why, Who, and Where of Python" by Aaron R. Watters. Discusses the history of the language, object classes, object orientation, hashing, dictionaries, the Standards Library, extensions, contributions and required extensions.
"Python Tutorial"
Tutorial: "Python Tutorial" by Guido van Rossum—the creator of Python. Discusses the Python interpreter, argument passing, error handling, executable scripts, source-code encoding, numbers, strings, Unicode strings, lists, control flow tools, data structures, modules, input/output, errors and exceptions, classes, a tour of the Standards Library and floating-point arithmetic.
"Using the Image Class"
Tutorial: "Using the Image Class" discusses reading and writing images, cutting, pasting and merging images, geometrical transforms, color transforms, image enhancement, filters, point operations, image sequences, postscript printing and controlling the decoder.   
"Python Short Course"
Tutorial: "Python Short Course" by Richard P. Muller. Consists of seven lectures presented in slide-show format. Topics covered include data structures, flow control, functions, vectors, matrices, translating error messages, classes, overloading operators, inheritance, buttons, menus, widgets and 3-D graphics.
"Python Programming for Beginners"
Tutorial: "Python Programming for Beginners" by Jacek Artymiak. Topics include installing the Python interpreter, reading command-line options and arguments, interrupt handling, working with files, working with pipes, writing to the system log and reading variables.
"Instant Python"
Tutorial: "Instant Python" by Magnus Lie Hetland. A crash course for programmers who want to get into Python. A short course that discusses the basics of the language such as assigning variables, defining functions and objects, defining classes and midules.
"Python Programming"
Tutorial: "Python Programming" by Richard G. Baldwin. A step-by-step series of lessons for non-programmers to learn Python. Terms are defined as they are presented and each lesson has a series of true/false questions with answers. Some of the topics covered include strings, using scripts, program construction, lists, tuples, dictionaries, valid keys, key lists, nesting, sorting and deleting text.
"Learning with Python"
"Learning with Python" by Allen B. Downey, Jeffrey  Elkner and Chris Meyers. This is for programming beginners and explains what a computer program is and what type of computer language Python is (high-level). Other topics include debugging, syntax errors, runtime errors, formal and natural languages, variables, expressions, statements, keywords, evaluating expressions, operators and operands, order of operations, strings, comments, functions, type conversion, math functions, parameters, arguments, stack diagrams, conditionals, recursion, Boolean expressions, logical and conditional operators, the return statement, recursion, keyboard input, return values, program development, iteration, while statement, tables, strings, for loop, find function, string module, lists, nested lists, matrixes, tuples, random numbers, dictionaries, long integers, files, exceptions, classes, objects, attributes, the time class, modifiers, algorithms, methods, operator overloading, polymorphism, inheritance, linked lists, collections, recursion, wrappers, stacks, pushing and popping, postfix, parsing, clients, queues and trees. Appendices cover debugging and creating a datatype.
"Instant Hacking"
Tutorial: "Instant Hacking" by Magnus Lie Hetland, is an introduction to programming in Python. Discusses having an interpreter installed, functions, function calls, passing a parameter, returning a value, dynamic function calls, sequence execution, conditional execution, loops, abstraction, data structures and object-oriented programming.  There are also some exercises to test your knowledge; answers are provided.
Python Online Course
This is a free online Python course for non-programmers. Topics covered include common features of programs, sequence instructions, branches, loops, modules, how to structure a program, batch programs, event driven programs, error messages, JavaScript, VBScript, variables, primitive data types, character strings, string operators, integers, arithmetic operators, Boolean variables, collections, list operators, arrays, files, for, while, do-while, and repeat-until loops, command-line parameters, if and case statement, using functions and modules,  files, and much more.

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