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Ring Tones Resource Center

Welcome to the Ringtones Resource Center, where you'll find lots of information about downloading ringtones and creating your own custom ringtones, articles, development tools, copyright and trademark information, resources, tutorials, affiliate programs offered by ringtone sellers and more. In the Ringtones Resource Center you’ll find links to:

  • Billboard’s Top 100 Chart for ringtones.
  • Companies that sell ringtones and other cell phone applications.
  • Important information about copyrights as they apply to the music industry and ringtones.
  • The article, “Create iPhone Ringtones from iTunes Previews,” by Eric Sadun.
  • The article, "How Ringtones Work," by Tom Harris, that discusses frequencies, the Ring Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL) format, getting a tone, copyrights, loading methods, melody composers, polyphonic ringtone capabilities and more.
  • Send To Phone from Excode Software—a free program that allows you to send polyphonic ringtones, images and files between your computer and mobile phone without the need for any additional cables.
  • Ringtone affiliate programs offered by the Ring Tone Channel, Ringophone, RingingPhone, and RingTone JukeBox.
  • The article, “Ring Tones: Where Culture Meets Cash Cow,” which discusses the growth in the ringtone industry.
  • Articles that explain how to create your own custom ringtones.
  • Several for-sale software products that allow you to create your own custom ringtones.
  • The tutorial, "The World of Mobile Ring Tones: Understanding RTTTL," by Bob Reselman, that discusses how to make ringtones using the Ring Tones Text Transfer Language (RTTTL), how to use the Java Wireless Toolkit (WTK), creating a melody in RTTTL, creating dotted rhythms and making a custom ringtone.
  • And more…

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Update :: November 17, 2019