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ASP.NET Ajax Resource Center

ASP.NET Ajax Sample Chapters
“Introducing Server Controls in Atlas”
“Introducing Server Controls in Atlas,” from Foundations of Atlas: Rapid Ajax Development with ASP.NET 2.0, by Laurence Moroney (May 2006). Discusses adding the Atlas service controls to Visual Studio 2005, creating an Atlas website, adding server controls to the toolbox, the ScriptManager control, the ScriptManager designer interface, programming with the ScriptManager, performing partial rendering, enabling script components, specifying services, using error templates, the ScriptManagerProxy control, the UpdatePanel control, using the UpdatePanel designer, programming with the UpdatePanel, using ControlEventTrigger, using ControlValueTrigger, the UpdateProcess control, control extenders, the AutoCompleteExtender, the DragOverlayExtender, the ProfileScriptService control, the Timer control and the Gadget control.
“An Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX”
“An Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX,” from Beginning ASP.NET AJAX, by Wallace B. McClure, Paul Glavich, Steve C. Orr, Craig Shoemaker, Steven A. Smith and Jim Zimmerman (July 2007). Discusses development trends, ASP.NET development, design methodology, problems ASP.NET solves, current drivers, what AJAX is, advantages of AJAX and the history of AJAX.

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