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ASP.NET Ajax Resource Center

ASP.NET Ajax Tutorials
“Extending JavaScript with ASP.NET AJAX”
“Extending JavaScript with ASP.NET AJAX,” from Microsoft. Discusses classes, members, namespaces, access modifiers, inheritance, interfaces, enumerations and reflection.
ASP.NET Ajax Grid and Pager Tutorial
"ASP.NET Ajax Grid and Pager," by Kazi Manzur Rashid. The tutorial covers how to create an AJAX Grid and pager that mimics the GridView control. It discusses the features the controls provide, a background on ASP.NET AJAX, the AJAX grid, data binding, styling, column collection, sorting, selecting and deleting rows, the RowDataBound event, paging and drag-and-drop.
Sample ASP.NET AJAX Application
“Sample ASP.NET AJAX Application,” from Microsoft. Discusses creating an ASP.NET AJAX-enabled website, adding an UpdatePanel Control to an ASP.NET web page, adding content to an UpdatePanel Control, adding an UpdateProgress Control to a page and adding a Delay to the application.
ASP.NET AJAX Learning Guide,295582,sid8_gci1228253,00.html
The ASP.NET AJAX Learning Guide is a series of tutorials and resources for learning ASP.NET Ajax. Topics include an ASP.NET AJAX quick start, ASP.NET AJAX basics, ASP.NET AJAX tutorials, articles and resources, webcasts, videos, forums and blogs. ASP.NET AJAX basics tutorials cover an introduction to ASP.NET AJAX and Atlas with ASP.NET 2.0, asynchronous communication layer overview, partial-page rendering overview, installation of ASP.NET AJAX, tips for new ASP.NET AJAX users and common ASP.NET AJAX development scenarios. Additional tutorial topics include enhancing existing applications with ASP.NET AJAX extensions, using the UpdatePanel control, customizing partial-page rendering with client scripting, using the timer control and creating custom client scripts.

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