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Adobe Flex Resource Center

Adobe Flex Resources Custom Search Engine
Search Engine: is a custom Flex search engine for the Flex Community. Users can locate forums, blogs, LivDocs, web sites video and search Google. Search links include: Adobe Labs,, Esria,, and Flexcoders. Developer Group Web Site
Developers group: web site is for developers working with Adobe Flex Builder 2, Flex Data Services 2, and the Flex 2 SDK. Links provided on the site help developers locate documentation, get support from other developers, find a forum, locate recent articles, find white papers and read Flex-related blogs.
Examination Preparation Guide
Developer Exam: "Adobe® Flex™ 2 Developer Exam: Examination Preparation Guide," contains information on how to prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and recertification exams. The guide contains FAQs about the ACE exams, the process of getting certified, exam topics and objectives, and practice exams.
Adobe Flex Wiki
Definition and explanation of Adobe Flex from Wikipedia. Overviews Flex, gives a brief history of Flex, explains Flex Data Services, discusses Flex and ColdFusion, and lists the Flex application development process.
Flex Developer Center
The Flex Developer Center is where developers can learn the basic concepts of Flex and how to code tasks. Additional links provide developers with information on coding with MXML and ActionScript, handling events, positioning and laying out Flex components, embedding application assets, using controls, using containers, styling components, adding effects, creating states, defining state transitions, using tooltips, cursor control, using the Repeater component, using item renderers, creating item editors, using data providers, adding drag-and-drop support, working with Tree controls, building components in MXML, building components in ActionScript, building components using code behind, deploying components, defining data models, using data binding, validating data, formatting data, accessing XML data, and loading external data with HTTPService.
Flex™ 2 Product Overview
Overview: Product overview of the Flex™ 2 application development software for creating and delivering rich Internet applications (RIAs) features including: Adobe Flex Builder™—an Eclipse™-based IDE that enables developers to build client-side logic that integrates XML, web services or Flex Data Services; design layout tools that enable the design of usable application interfaces with a customized look and feel; Adobe Flex Charting 2—a library of interactive charts that enables rich data dashboards and interactive data analysis; Adobe Flex Data Services—a set of server-side management features for delivering data-intensive Flex applications; and Adobe Flex framework and SDK—the component-based framework can be used to develop RIAs for the Flash Player runtime, and the free SDK includes the Flex class library and the MXML and ActionScript 3.0 compilers.
Adobe® Flex™ 2 Information Page
Adobe® Flex™ 2 information page—learn about this Internet application framework based on Adobe Flash® for building scalable applications on any platform. Included in the software application is an Eclipse™-based development tool, a visual component library, and high-performance data services. Links are available to a 30-day trail, the SDK (for building and deploying Flex applications), the developer center, documentation, seminars, support, community and demos.
"Flex Quick Starts: Building a Simple User..."
Tutorial: "Flex Quick Starts: Building a Simple User Interface," from Adobe. Topics include using controls, using containers, styling components, adding effects, creating states, defining state transitions, using tooltips, and using effect methods and events.
"An Introduction to Adobe Flex and PHP"
Tutorial: "Rich Internet Applications: An Introduction to Adobe Flex and PHP," by Mike Potter. Discusses what Flex is and how it works, downloading the Flex Builder, creating a simple Flex application, creating a database, creating PHP script, ActionScript, MXML, and explaining the application.

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