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Adobe Flex Resource Center

Adobe Flex User Groups
The Flex Component Development Group
User Group: The Flex Component Development Group focuses on the creation and development of Flex components and is not for general Flex discussions. Recent topics include extending DadaGrid headers and assigning customized scroll bars to containers.
User Group: is a site for the Flex community. The site is a source of a wide range of information and resources related to Adobe Flex. Information provided here includes: who the top contributors to the site are, upcoming events (what the event is, where it's being held, and when it's being held), items of interest, beginner, intermediate, and advanced tips, articles on "What is Flex?", Flex vs. RIA technologies, Flex blog postings, Cairngorm knowledge, Macromedia Flex notifications, Flex in the news, Flex job postings, Flex code library, Flex apps on the Net, and Flex tools.

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Update :: January 17, 2020