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Amazon Web Services Resource Center
Amazon Web Services Introductions
Learning About Amazon Web Services
Sample chapter: “Learning About Amazon Web Services,” from Mining Amazon Web Services: Building Applications with the Amazon API, by John Paul Mueller (January 2004). Discusses what Amazon Web Services are, understanding Amazon Web Services, what a web service is, and how web services work.
7 Easy Steps to Building Your Idea Around Amazon
Tutorial: “Seven Easy Steps to Building Your Idea Around Amazon Web Services,” by Jinesh Varia. Discusses starting with a cool idea, whiteboarding the idea, getting the right tools, the new whiteboard diagram, the right tools/code generators, creating an AWS account, helper classes, coding, release your beta, publicizing your product, and improving and revising your code.
How to Use the Amazon E-Commerce Service
Tutorial: "How to Use the Amazon E-Commerce Service," by Eric Giguerre. Discusses Amazon Web Services (AWS), exposing the data, the Amazon E-Commerce Service, Alexa Web Information Service, the Amazon Simple Queue Service, work with AWS, the subscription ID, the associate tag, AWS documentation, AWS samples and discussion boards, understanding E-Commerce Service (ECS), access ECS: REST vs. SOAP, operations, content caching, trying out AWS, running the sample application, exploring AWS operations, responses, using the AWS in your applications, creating a helper class, creating an instance of ECSHelper, the TopRank application, understanding the itemSearch operation, and building an application.
Browse Amazon Web Services
Browse Amazon Web Services site. Lists the Amazon web services and provides a brief description of what each service does. The services listed include the Amazon Associates Web Service (A2S), the Amazon Elastic Compute (Amazon EC2), the Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS), the Amazon Mechanical Turk, the Amazon SimpleDB, the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), the Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), the Alexa Site Thumbnail, the Alexa Top Sites, the Alexa Web Information Service and the Alexa Web Search. Links are provided to the information page for each service.

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