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Amazon Web Services Resource Center
Amazon Web Services Simple Service Queue (SQS)
Programming S3, EC2, SQS and FPS
Book: Programming S3, EC2, SQS and FPS, by James Murty (March 2008). Discusses how companies can take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS), data storage and bandwidth; background and technical detail for using Amazon's subscription-based Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Flexible Payments Service (FPS), and SimpleDB to build web-scale business applications; learn how to store and retrieve data using application servers, unlimited storage and bandwidth with the S3 service, buy computing time using Amazon’s EC2 interface, use Amazon’s web-scale messaging infrastructure, leverage the Amazon FPS service to structure payment instructions, create and store multiple data sets, query your data, return results using the SimpleDB, and scale up or down as needed. Mashups
Book: Mashups, by Francis Shanahan (January 2007). Discusses Web 2.0, the Amazon web service platform, the e-commerce service, the Amazon Mechanical Turk, the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), the Amazon Elastic Compute Service, the Amazon Simple Storage service (S3), Alexa, other mashable services, development tools, the technology, mashup techniques, creating your first remix, building your first mashup, putting the browser to work, an Ajax-powered wish list, consumer browser using JSON, improving performance, Amazon mobile, a generic storage solution using Amazon S3, and future ideas.
Community Code from the Amazon Web Services
Community Code from the Amazon Web Services Developer Connection. A collection of 45 code samples including “Processing Pipeline with Amazon S3, SQS, EC2, Ruby, Rails and ActiveMessaging,” “Amazon S3 Backup Solution (PHP/Perl),” “Erlaws—Amazon Web Services for Erlang” (Erland library for AWS), “Amazon S3 POST Example in Flash,” Amazon S3 POST Example in HTML,” “Another S3 Bash Interface,” “RightScale Ruby Library to Access Amazon EC2, S3 and SQS,” “ThreeSharp—A C# Library and Code for Amazon S3,” “Code Sample for the Economical Use of S3 with Ruby on Rails Article,” “s3-bash” (a collection of BASH scripts), “Alexa Web Information Plug-In for Microsoft Excel 2007,” “lifeguard—Automated Server Pool Management,” source code to “Introduction to AWS for C# Developers,” complete Rails application for “Introduction to AWS for Ruby Developers,” source code for “Introduction to AWS for PHP Developers,” sample code for “Running Hadoop MapReduce on Amazon EC2 and S3,” “Scale Up Your Silverlight Application Using Amazon S3,” “S3OSCache to Store Cached Data on Amazon S3,” “Turbocharge Your ASP.NET Site with Amazon S3 (VB.NET),” “boto—AWS for Python” (a Python library for AWS), “J2ME and J2SE Toolkit for Amazon S3,” “Turbocharge Your ASP.NET Site with Amazon S3,” “Simple Command-Line Access to Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3,” “Amazon S2 Bucket Browser with DIME Support in C#,” “s3sync and s3cmd in Ruby,” “JetS3t—An Open Source Java Toolkit for Amazon S3,” “What’s that Tune?” (mashup), “AWS::3S—A Ruby Library for the Amazon S3 REST API,” “Test Utility for Amazon S3 in PHP,” “Amazon S3 Bucket Browser in C#,” “Amazon S3 Signature Tester in JavaScript,” “Amazon S3 Key Management,” “S3Shell in Java,” “Amazon S3 Redirects Sample in Ruby,” “Amazon S3 Market Data Sample in Perl,” “Amazon S3 Library for REST in Ruby, “Amazon S3 Library for REST in Python,” “Amazon S3 Library for REST in Java,” “Amazon S3 Library for SOAP in Java,” “Amazon S3 Library for REST in C#,” “Amazon S3 Library for SOAP in C#,” “Amazon S3 Authentication Tool for Curl,” “Amazon S3 Pani Perl Wiki in Ruby,” and “Amazon S3 Sample in PHP.”
Browse Amazon Web Services
Browse Amazon Web Services site. Lists the Amazon web services and provides a brief description of what each service does. The services listed include the Amazon Associates Web Service (A2S), the Amazon Elastic Compute (Amazon EC2), the Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS), the Amazon Mechanical Turk, the Amazon SimpleDB, the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), the Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), the Alexa Site Thumbnail, the Alexa Top Sites, the Alexa Web Information Service and the Alexa Web Search. Links are provided to the information page for each service.
Amazon Web Services Developer Connection
Amazon Web Services Developer Connection site. Online home for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer community. Resources include links to resource centers for Amazon Associates Web Services, Amazon DevPay, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Flexible Payments Service, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service, the Alexa Site Thumbnail, Alexa Top Sites, Alexa Web Information Service, Alexa Web Search, C#, Java, PHP. Ruby, and Submit a Resource; discussion forums including the developer Connection, Amazon Web services, Discussion in other languages and other topics; and a Solutions catalog including Solutions For ..., and Browse by Service.
Build an Infinitely Scalable Infrastructure
Article: "Build an Infinitely Scalable Infrastructure for $100 Using Amazon Services," by Todd Hoff. Discusses why use external services?, Amazon ECS (E-Commerce service), Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service), Amazon EC2 (grid service), the GigaVox Media example web-scale architecture, and lessons learned.
Amazon Web Services Solutions Catalog : RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds: Amazon Web Services Solutions Catalog. A listing of all the Amazon Web Services RSS feeds available. Topics include Forum feedbacks, forum tips, Amazon Associates Web Service, Amazon Flexible Payments Service, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Alexa Site Thumbnail, Alexa Top Sites, Alexa Web Information Service, Alexa Web Search, Amazon SimpleDB, Web services Beta feedback, known issues, web services feature requests, web services bug reports, marketplace seller API, and web services code samples.
AWS Simple Monthly Calendar
Tool: “AWS Simple Monthly Calendar,” by Jinesh Varia. This tool helps to calculate the monthly costs of using Amazon S3, EC2 and SQS web services. Features include best case and worst case scenarios and help in identifying areas of development (to help reduce user costs).
Google Code: PHP Library for Using AWS
PHP library for using Amazon Web Services (AWS) (including S3, EC2, SQS and MTurk) from Google Code. This is a collection of classes for the AWS platform. Classes currently available include Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Mechanical Turk (MTurk). Addition projects include Raven SEO Tools, Edoceo S3 Toolkit (a command line S3 utility), and (exports Basecamp accounts into activeCollab). Links are provided to downloads, the project wiki, issues and more.
Amazon Web Services Servoy Plugin
Amazon Web Services Servoy Plugin from Google Code. This plugin if for third party libraries interfacing with AWS so they can be accessed through JavaScript in Servoy. Currently available for the Simple Storage Service (S3) and the Simple Queue Service (SQS).
Introduction to AWS for Java Developers
Tutorial: “Introduction to AWS for Java Developers,” by Richard Monson-Hafel. Discusses what Amazon web services are, accessing AWS: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) vs. REST (Representational State Transfer); and using Java with Amazon S3, Amazon SQS and Amazon EC2.
Monster Muck Mashup—Video Conversion w/AWS
Tutorial: “Monster Muck Mashup—Mass Video Conversion Using AWS,” by Mitch Garnaat. Discusses building a video conversion service using Amazon Web Services (including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)), putting the pieces together, building the EC2 image, building the conversion service, the message structure, converting the video, the arguments, and additional resources.
Fun with Amazon’s Simple Queue Service
Article: “Fun with Amazon’s Simple Queue Service,” by Jason Levitt. Discusses accessing Amazon Web Services, the API, structure of Simple Queue Service requests using REST, Simple Queue Service design and limitations, creating a queue, placing an entry on a queue, reading queue entries, deleting queue entries, a chat application using Simple Queue Services, application design, and code details.

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