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C++ Boost Libraries Resource Center

C++ Boost Libraries Projects's C++ Boost Projects Page
Projects:'s C++ Boost projects page. Currently there are three projects: the "XML Literate Programming System," written in C++ Boost is a framework for literate programming; the "boost_graph: Boost:: Graph in Python," is wrapping the C++ Boost Graph library in Python; and the "Joymapper," a C++/Boost-based application for the mapping of game devices (e.g., joysticks).
Google Summer of Code™ 2007
Project: Google Summer of Code™ 2007—a project open to student developers who receive funds to write open source code for open source projects. Boost will be mentoring this project and has listed several areas of interest to the Boost community for students to consider including: recursive regular expressions, HTML and RST to QuickBook converter, make QuickBook a grown-up and self-contained docbook authoring tool, implementing application level protocols using ASIO (audio stream in/out technology), implementing a cryptographic library in Boost, implementing an ORB/RPC system using ASIO, big integer, X, Y (and Z?) plotting graphs from C++ containers in scalable vector graphics (SVG) format, GotBoost? web site, ASIO asynchronous FS (file system) support, TR1 compatible hash containers, and a graphical front-end to Boost.Test. Each project lists is a brief description, the goal of the project and the project's requirements.

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