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Cloud Computing Resource Center
Cloud Computing Resources
Dreaming in the "Cloud" with the XIOS Web OS
Article: "Dreaming in the "Cloud" with the XIOS Web Operating System,", by Jeremy Reimer. Discusses the XIOS Internet OS, how XIOS works, the reason why new operating systems aren't launched often, and a solution in search of a problem.
Reaching for the Sky Through The Compute Clouds
Article: "Reaching for the Sky Through The Compute Clouds," by Alex Iskold. Discusses clouds vs. LAMPs (the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, open-source Web development platform), scalability issues with a relational database, the basics of cloud computing, the basic cloud compute (diagram), do clouds really work?, SLA (Service Level Agreements) vs. common sense, and the future of cloud computing.
Cloud Computing: Rent Don’t Buy
Article: “Cloud Computing: Rent Don’t Buy,” by David Geer. Discusses demystifying the cloud, what cloud computing is, uses for cloud computing, calculating causes, and building cloud utilities.
Cloud Computing: Watch Out IT, It's Raining Jargon
Article: "Cloud Computing: Watch Out IT, It's Raining Jargon," by Laurianne McLaughlin. Discusses the different meanings for cloud computing, SaaS (Software as a Service), on-demand software, banding large numbers of computers together, IBM's Blue Cloud, Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (see our Resource Center), and uses in companies such as and Google.
Cloud Computing News
Cloud Computing News from Technology Today. Discusses the latest news in cloud computing including, EMC expansion into cloud computing, cloud computing service for mobile phones, Sun Microsystems, the hosting cloud solution and more.
Computing Heads for the Clouds
Article: "Computing Heads for the Clouds," by Aaron Ricadela. Discusses supercomputing for the rest of us, how cloud computing works, which companies are in the forefront of cloud computing, what the market opportunity is for this technology, the biggest challenges these companies face, and how cloud computing is different from grid computing.
Design Tips for Building Tag Clouds
Article: “Design Tips for Building Tag Clouds,” by Jim Bumgardner. Discusses choosing the right language, making tag clouds visible to search engines, frequency sorting, avoid random mappings, make tag clouds relevant to users, and trying different mappings.
Dell Cloud Computing Solutions
Dell Cloud Computing Solutions (DSC) site page. Information includes a description of the service, key benefits, services, support and purchasing.
Making Efficient Use of Cloud Computing Resources
Article: "Making Efficient Use of Cloud Computing Resources," by Eric Novikoff. Discusses what cloud computing is, a batch processing example, and making the cost vs. speed tradeoff.
What Cloud Computing Means to You
Article: "What Cloud Computing Means to You," by Robert Strolmeyer. Discusses what cloud computing is, mobile business, data mining, easy virtualization, social networking, and virtual worlds.

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