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Cloud Computing Resource Center
Cloud Computing Webcasts
Computing in the Cloud—What's next?
Webcast: "Computing in the Cloud—What's next?" panel discussion with Andrea LaPaugh (Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University), Reihan Salam (The Atlantic Monthly), Jesse Robbins (O'Reilly Radar) and Jonathan Rochelle (Google). Discusses what new services might develop, how today's services will evolve, how well cloud computing will serve users, companies, investors and government, and what social and policy problems will get worse due to cloud computing and which will get better.
Computing in the Cloud—Civics in the Cloud
Wedcast: "Computing in the Cloud—Civics in the Cloud," panel discussion with David Robinson (associate director at CITP), Josh Tauberer (founder of, Andrew Page (associate director at and John Wonderlich (program director at Sunsight Foundation). Discuss how and where cloud computing can improve public knowledge and engage in political issues, what has been achieved so far, what is possible in the long run, and what moves and policy changes would do the most to harness the power of cloud computing.
Computing in the Cloud—Security in the Cloud
Webcast: "Computing in the Cloud—Security in the Cloud," panel discussion with Alex Halderman (of CITP). Marc Hedlund (founder and chief product offices of, Mihai Christodorescu (researcher at IBM) and Benjamin Mako Hill (researcher at MIT). Discuss how the move to centeralized services affects the security and reliability of users, interactions with technology, new threats that are likely to emerge, how provider behaviors, user behavior and government policy will need to change to respond to threats and how open source works in the cloud computing environment.
Computing in the Cloud
Webcasts: "Computing in the Cloud," this workshop from Princeton University's Information Technology Policy discusses possession and ownership of data, security and risk in the cloud, civics in the cloud, and what's next.

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