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Computer Games Resource Center

Tutorial: A Method For 'Growing' Rivers In A Rando
Tutorial entitled, “A Method For 'Growing' Rivers In A Randomly Generated World,” discusses how to create randomized rivers. Sample code is written in Python.
Tutorial: Axonometric Projections: A Technical Ove
Tutorial entitled, “Axonometric Projections: A Technical Overview,” discusses how to use axonometric projections [CK: add hyperlink to definition at
***] (also referred to as the parallel perspective) in computer games and graphics.
Tile-Based Games FAQ
Tile-Based Games FAQ discusses multiple layered maps, restricting character movement, disappearing roof tiles, using the FRINGE layer, the OBJECT layer, Cool FXsmooth loading of new map sections, portability and more.
Tutorial: Generating Terrain
Tutorial entitled, “Generating Terrain.”
Tutorial: Mazes and Labyrinths: An Introduction to
Tutorial entitled, “Mazes and Labyrinths: An Introduction to Random Levels,” discusses generating random levels in a 2D, tile-based game.

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