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“Mastering JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)”
Blog: “Mastering JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).” Discusses creating a new object, objects as data, accessing data in JSON, simulating an associative array, receiving JSON via AJAX, JSON via callback, JSON via parse, retrieving JSON data via AJAX, how to send JSON data to a server, retrieval from third-party servers, Yahoo Pipes, JSON security, JSON best practices and the future of JSON.
Blog: is the blog of Cedric (Ric) Johnson, founder of OpenDomain (distributes unused domains for open source content). Topics include JSON serialization, XML vs. JSON, JSON as a required skill and JSON security.
“Native JSON Support is Required”
Blog: “Native JSON Support is Required,” by John Resig (a programmer at Mozilla Corporation and the developer of the jQuery JavaScript Library). Discusses native JSON support for browsers, transferring and the deserializing JSON data, JSONP (adds JavaScript markup around JSON data), the JSONRequest for transferring JSON data, the DOM Storage standard (stores data as strings) and the Function and RegExp.

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Update :: January 23, 2020