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“Introduction to JSON”
Slide presentation: “Introduction to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation),” by Sang Shin (a Java technology architect at Sun Microsystems). Discusses what JSON is, JSON vs. XML, where JSON is used, JSON data structure (JSON object and JSON text), security, JSON and Java technology, JSON tools, and sending and receiving JSON data (for both client and server sides).
“An Introduction to JSON”
Article: “An Introduction to JSON,” by Daniel Rubio. Discusses JSON’s use in web services design, as an alternative to XML, JSON’s benefits and constraints, producing JSON output with web services and consuming JSON.
“An Introduction to JSON in JavaScript and .NET”
Article: “An Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript and .NET,” by Atif Aziz and Scott Mitchell. Discusses the JSON standard, JSON’s relationship to JavaScript, how JSON compares to XML, understanding the literal notation in JavaScript, JavaScript literals to JSON, the JSON date and time string, creating and parsing JSON messages with JavaScript, working with JSON in the .NET framework, parsing JSON text and using JSON in ASP.NET.
“An Introduction to JSON”
Video podcast: “An Introduction to JSON,” with Wally McClure. This 10-minute video discusses how to use JSON for data interchange, how Microsoft ASP.NET uses JSON, JSON basics and format.
“Introducing JSON”
Article: “Introducing JSON,” by Bilal Haidar. Discusses XML vs. JSON, what JSON is, JSON data types, objects, arrays, properties, how to generate JSON on a server, and how to consume JSON on a client. A demo includes an AJAX/JSON web application.
“Understanding JSON: The Three Minute Lesson”
Article: “Understanding JSON: The Three Minute Lesson,” by Leon Bambrick (secretGeek). Discusses what JSON stands for and what it means, squiggly brackets (containers), square brackets (arrays), use of colons and commas, why JSON is like XML, why JSON isn’t like XML, what’s good about using JSON, JSON vs. XML; JavaScript maintenance, sharing and reuse, and JSON and the client/server.

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Update :: January 23, 2020