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“JSON—An Attempt to Bring XSS Back”
Sample chapter: “JSON—An Attempt to Bring XSS Back,” from The Real-World AJAX: Secrets of the Masters, by James Benson and Jay Fienberg (January 2007). Discusses XSS (cross site scripting), CPAINT (a cross-platform asynchronous Internet toolkit), network security, HTTPS (a standard secure HTTP), encryption, the hash (a cryptographic tool), direct login, host-proof hosting (encryption of information traveling through a server) and a look at the Samy MySpace Virus.
Dynamic Apache with AJAX and JSON
eBook: Dynamic Apache with AJAX and JSON, by Tracy Brown (September 2006). Discusses building custom Apache modules that handle AJAX requests using JSON, using the Apache framework to build MVC applications and solving the page refresh problem in AJAX.

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