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Java Resource Center


Downloading, Installing, Configuring and Getting Started with Java
Java Standard Edition version 5.0 Download Page
Download page for the Java Standard Edition version 5.0 and its documentation. This development kit includes everything you need to compile and execute your Java applications. You can always go to to locate the most recent version of Java.
Download and Install Java
If you do not have Java installed and configured for your browser, visit this site and click the Get It Now button to download and install Java in your browser. Instructions are provided for various versions of Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS.
Instructions for Installing the JDK Version 5.0 on
Instructions for installing the JDK version 5.0 on Solaris, Windows and Linux platforms. Check this site if you are having difficulty installing Java on your computer. You can always go to to locate the most recent version of Java.
New to Java Center
The "New to Java Center" on the Sun Microsystems Web site features online training resources to help you get started with Java programming. It includes links to tutorials, software downloads, code samples, references, FAQs, case studies, a glossary, forums and much more.
Tutorial: The Java Tutorial
Online tutorial entitled, “The Java Tutorial” introduces the Java language, applets, classes, GUI programming with JFC/Swing, collections, security, JAR files, JavaBeans, JDBC, Java Native Interface and RMI.
Java FAQ
Java FAQ. Check out the questions and answers or submit your own questions.
Tutorials from the Sun Developer Network
Sun Developer Network on-line training and tutorials.
Tutorial: Getting Started with Java: A Beginner's
“Getting started with Java: A Beginner's Guide to Java Programming,” shows you how to program, compile and run a Java application.
Tutorial: Introducing Java: Your First Applet

“Introducing Java: Your First Applet,” teaches programmers how to design a simple GUI, handle events, read data into an applet and parse the data.

Java Technology Home Page
Java Technology Home Page. Here you will find downloads, reference guides for developers, community forums, online tutorials and many other valuable Java resources.
Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition Version 5.0 API
Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition version 5.0 API documentation. Refer to this site to learn about the Java class library's predefined classes and interfaces.
Java Documentation
Sun's documentation site for all Java technologies. Here you will find technical information on all Java technologies, including API (application programming interface) specifications for Java and related Sun technologies.
Sun's Home Page for Java Developers
Sun's home page for Java developers provides downloads, APIs, code samples, articles with technical advice and other resources on the best Java development practices.
Java Resource Site
Java resource site with numerous Java downloads including software, games and applications for desktop and mobile devices.
Java Community Website
Java community Web site where developers can share projects, participate in forums, etc. Also includes articles, blogs, help wanted postings, news and more.

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