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Java Design Patterns Resource Center


Java Design Patterns Sample Chapters
Amaze Developer Friends With Design Patterns
Article: "Amaze Your developer Friends With Design patterns," by David Geary. Discusses Java design patterns, what design patterns are, examples of design patterns in the Java SDK, the strategy pattern, the composite pattern, and the decorator pattern. An example is given for each pattern mentioned in the article.
Decorate Your Java Code
Article: "Decorate Your Java Code," by David Geary. Discusses the decorator pattern demystified, using I/O decorators, decorator statics and dynamics, sort and filter decorators for Swing tables, refactoring the sort decorator, and decorator applicability.
Take Control with the Proxy Design Pattern'
Article: "Take Control with the Proxy Design Pattern," by David Geary. Discusses a SOAP proxy, the proxy pattern, Swing image-icon proxies, the JDK's built-in support for the design pattern, JDK proxies, and proxy applicability.
Strategy Pattern Aids Object-Oriented Design
Article: "Strategy for Success: The Powerful Strategy Design Pattern Aids Object-Oriented Design," by David Geary. Discusses the strategy pattern, Swing borders, and implementing the strategy pattern.
Decorator Pattern: Decorating Objects
Sample Chapter: “Decorator Pattern: Decorating Objects,” from Head First Design Patterns, October 2004, by Eilsabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, and Kathy Sierra. Using Starbucks Coffee as an example, the following topics are discussed class explosion, instance variables, inheritance, superclasses, subclasses, the open-closed principle, the decorator pattern, constructing with decorators, the decorator pattern defined, and writing the code.
Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
Introduction from Design Patterns
Sample Chapter: “Introduction,” from Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, January 1995, by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides. Discusses what a design pattern is, the pattern name, the problem, the solution, the consequences, design patterns in Smalltalk MVC, describing design patterns, and pattern name and classification.
Building Business Applications with J2EE
Sample Chapter: “Building Business Applications with J2EE,” from J2EE Best Practices: Java Design Patterns, Automation, and Performance, November 2002, by Darren Broemmer. Discusses the elements of transactional web-based business applications, business entities, business processes, user interaction, reference architecture, and business object architecture.
Introduction to Design Patterns
Sample Chapter: “Introduction to Design Patterns,” from Design Patterns Java Workbook, March 2002, by Steven John Metsker. Topics include: Why patterns? why design patterns? why Java? why UML? why a workbook? and the organization of the book.
Using the State Design Pattern
Sample Chapter: “Using the State Design Pattern,” from Design Patterns Java Workbook, March 2002, by Steven John Metsker. Discusses modeling states, refactoring to STATE, and making States constant.
Using Abstractions and the Bridge Pattern in Java
Sample Chapter: “Using Abstractions and the Bridge Pattern in Java, from Design Patterns Java Workbook, March 2002, by Steven John Metsker. Discusses a classic example for Bridge: Drivers, refactoring to Bridge, and a Bridge using the List interface.
Design Patterns: Origin and History
Sample Chapter: “Design Patterns: Origin and History,” from Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java, April 2004, by Partha Kuchana. Discusses architectural to software design patterns, what is a design pattern, more about design patterns, a relationship chart of design patterns vs. frameworks, and a walkthrough of the text.
Introduction to Software Patterns
Sample Chapter: “Introduction to Software Patterns, from Design Patterns in Java: A Catalog of Reusable Design Patterns Illustrated with UML, 2nd Edition, Volume 1, September 2002, by Mark Grand. Discusses patterns description.
Design Patterns in Java: Adapter
Sample Chapter: “Design Patterns in Java: Adapter,” from Design Patterns in Java, 2nd Edition, April, 2006, by Steven John Metsker and William C. Wake. Discusses adapting to an interface, class adapters, object adapters, adapting data for a JTable, and identifying adapters.

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