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Java EE 5 Resource Center


JavaServer Pages
Building Java Server Pages
Article: "Building Java Server Pages," by Mark Webber. Discusses JSP vs. servlets, the different varieties of tag, directives, hidden comments, declarations, expressions, scriptlets, actions, the main tags, and links.
More Servlets and JavaServer Pages
Free Book: More Servlets and JavaServer Pages™, by Marty Hall. Discusses server setup and configuration, basic servlet programming, basic JSP programming, using and deploying Web applications, controlling Web application behavior with web.xml, a sample application, declarative Web application security, programmatic security, servlet and JSP filers, the application events framework, and new tag library features in JSP 1.2.
Exploring the MVC Design Pattern
Article: "Understanding JavaServer Pages Model 2 Architecture: Exploring the MVC Design Pattern," by Govind Seshadri. Discusses servlets, understanding music without borders, deploying music without borders, and leveraging JSP and servlets.
JavaServer Pages Wiki
Wikipedia's definition and overview of JavaServer Pages. Topics include JSP and servlets, JSP syntax, static data, JSP directives, JSP scripting elements and variables, standard scripting variables, scripting elements, JSP actions, examples of tags, jsp:include, jsp:forward, jsp:plugin, jsp:useBean, JSP tag libraries, internationalization, and JSP 2.0.
Methods for Server-Side Dynamic Content
White paper: "JavaServer Pages™ Technology—JavaServer Pages Comparing Methods for Server-Side Dynamic Content," from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses comparing server mechanisms to dynamic content, portability, performance, ease of development and deployment, database connections, type safety, development tools, APIs and networking interfaces, ease of maintenance, security, easier page authoring, extensibility, and application maintenance.
JavaServer Pages™ Technology—JavaServer Pages
White paper: "JavaServer Pages™ Technology—JavaServer Pages," from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses multitier application architectures, development tools and methodologies, heightened requirements, overview of the Java APIs, and JSP technology in the multitiered architecture.
JavaServer Pages Servlet Developer
White paper: "JavaServer Pages™ Technology—JavaServer Pages Servlet Developer," from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses features that include: built on servlets, easier to use for interactive pages, concentrate on development instead of page authoring, and working with your existing servlets.
JavaServer Pages™ Technology - White Paper
White paper: "JavaServer Pages™ Technology," from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Discusses developing Web-based applications (background), JavaServer Pages technology approach to Web application development, what a JSP page looks like, JSP directives, JSP tags, scripting elements, application models for JSP pages, a simple application, a flexible application with Java servlets, scalable processing with enterprise JavaBeans technology, integrating XML technology in JSP pages, and the future of JSP technology.
Standard Tag Library for JavaServer Pages
Download the Standard Tag Library for JavaServer Pages (maintenance edition).
New Features in JSP 2.1 Technology
Article: "Web Tier to Go With Java EE 5: Summary of the New Features in JSP 2.1 Technology," by Pierre Delisle and Jennifer Ball. Discusses a background on alignment of Web-tier technologies, the unified expression language (EL), resource injection on the Web tier, removing blank lines, backward compatibility, order of precedence, and other additions and clarifications.
JavaServer Pages Specification
JavaServer Pages specification (final release) for downloading.
JavaServer Pages Technology
Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s technical page for JavaServer Pages. Here you will be able to locate the latest articles about JavaServer Pages, join a forum and learn about upcoming conferences.

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