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Java SE 7 (Dolphin) Resource Center


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Chris Maki’s Blog

Blog entry: “Java SE: Present and Future,” by Chris Maki. Reviews Danny Coward’s, “Java SE: Present and Future” presentation (from the 2007 JavaOne Conference. Discusses the issues, such as the multiple languages and changes in JDK 7. Also provides links to other Java SE resources.

Pure Danger Tech: Alex Miller’s Technical Blog

Blog: “Pure Danger Tech,” by Alex Miller, a Java programmer for Terrachotta Tech. Provides a technical and in-depth overview of the language changes and proposed new features of JDK7. Proposed changes for Java SE 7 include modularity, language, tools, libraries and type and generics.

Stephen Colebourne’s Blog

Blog entry: “Self-types,” by Stephen Colebourne of Sun Microsystems. Discusses the lack of self-types in Java. Defines a self-type as a special type that always refers to the current class and that it’s used mostly with generics. He introduces his problem to help explain why not having self-types in the language is an issue.

Danny Coward’s Blog

Danny Coward of Sun Microsystems is the Platform Lead and Representative for Java SE. He is also on the Executive Committee for the Java Community Process. Visit his blog for updates on Java SE 7’s progress and other Java information.

Java 7.0 (Dolphin): Evolving in the Ecosystem

Blog entry: “Java 7.0 (Dolphin): Evolving in the Ecosystem,” by Ed Burnette, a ZDNet contributor who blogs about software, gadgets and games. This blog entry discusses Sun’s proposed changes to Java 7 Dolphin including languages, packaging and ease of development.

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