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JavaScript Resource Center


JavaScript Tutorials: Introductory
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer
Tutorial: "JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer," covers an explanation of what JavaScript is, the differences between Java and JavaScript, what object-oriented programming is, objects and properties, methods, and events.
A (Re)-Introduction to JavaScript
Tutorial: "A (Re)-Introduction to JavaScript," by Simon Wilson from the ETech Conference March 6, 2006. Topics include an overview of JavaScript, numbers, strings, other types, variables, operators, control structures, objects, arrays, functions, custom objects, inner functions, closures and memory leaks.
JavaScript in Ten Minutes
Tutorial: "JavaScript in Ten Minutes," Topics include basic types, arrays, property maps, access, assignment, removal, iteration, functions, objects, object prototype and member function implementation. Includes example JavaScript code.
JavaScript Tutor
Tutorial: "JavaScript Tutor," is a three-lesson introduction to JavaScript. Lessons include "Hello World!," variables and the prompt box. Includes code examples and exercises.
JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming
Tutorial: "JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming," discusses what's great about objects, creating objects using new Object(), creating objects using literal notation, object constructor and prototyping, adding methods to objects using prototype, using prototype on prebuilt JavaScript objects, subclasses, superclasses, objects as associative arrays, looping through properties in an object, and JScript.NET.
JavaScript Tutorial
Tutorial: "JavaScript Tutorial," by Dave Thau. This is a five-lesson tutorial that covers commenting, alerts, variables, statements, events, windows, frames, objects, arrays, loops, functions, forms, buttons, and text fields.
JavaScript Tutorial
Tutorial: "JavaScript Tutorial," is an eight-part series. Topics include an introduction to JavaScript, alerts, prompts, variables, displaying information, browser windows, link events, image swaps, the task bar, If statements, loops, forms and functions, and additional forms.
Andy's Introductory JavaScript Tutorials
Tutorials: "Andy's Introductory JavaScript Tutorials." Four tutorials that cover FAQs on JavaScript, writing your first script, dynamically changing a document's background color, status bar messages, JavaScript dialog boxes, the image submit button, displaying a random image or message, a JavaScript live clock, image flipping, the drop-down menu box, and creating graphs using JavaScript.
Introduction to JavaScript
Tutorial: "Introduction to JavaScript" covers what JavaScript is, what it can do, how to put JavaScript into a web page, how to handle browsers, where to put JavaScript, using an external JavaScript, variables, declaring variables, assigning a value to a variable, conditional statements (If and If/Else), switch statements; listing of the arithmetic, assignment, comparison and logical operators; string operator, alert box, confirm box, prompt box, JavaScript functions, defining a function, the return statement, loops (for, while, and do/while), break and continue statements, the for/in statement, events, onload and onUnload, onFocus, onBlur, onChange, onSubmit, onMouseOver, onMouseOut, catching errors, the try/catch statement, the onerror event, throw statement, inserting special characters, case sensitivity of JavaScript, white space, comments, object-oriented programming (OOP), properties, methods, string object, defining, manipulating and comparing dates, defining arrays, accessing arrays, modifying arrays, Boolean object, math object, mathematical values and methods, HTML, DOM, browser detection, navigator object, cookies, form validation, required fields, e-mail validation, animation, HTML code, HTML image maps, timing events, and creating objects. A basic understanding of HTML and XHTML is required before taking this tutorial.

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Update :: January 23, 2020