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Microsoft LINQ Resource Center

Microsoft LINQ Videos
VS: The .NET LINQ Framework Overview
Video: "Visual Studio: The .NET Language Integrate Query (LINQ)Framework Overview," with Anders Hejlsberg (chief architect of the C# language) from msdn's ShOwtime! Discusses the LINQ Project, LINQ to Objects, C# 3.0 language innovations, LINQ to SQL and XML, demos on LINQ to SQL and XML, and LINQ architecture and components.
Microsoft SQL Server Videos
Videos: A series of Microsoft SQL videos with topics that include Silverlight, AJAX, ASP.NET, SQL Server, rich user interfaces, the SQL Membership provider, integrating search engine support on a website, ADO.NET, developing data driven web pages, LINQ, SQL Server 2005, XML documents, in-memory objects, and more.
C# and LINQ Videos
A series of Microsoft videos including “C# 3.0 Language Enhancements in Action,” discusses proposed changes to C# 3.0, the implicit variable declaration, extension methods, lambda expressions and LINQ; “C# 3.0 LINQ in Action,” discusses the LINQ Project with C# 3.0 and query of in-memory data; “C# 3.0 XLinq in Action,” covers the use of LINQ to query XML files; and “C# 3.0 DLinq in Action,” discusses the use of LINQ to query databases.
LINQ Videos
A series of LINQ videos including "A Deep Dive on Data Driven Experiences," from the Microsoft MIX07 Conference, discusses Silverlight, LINQ, and SQL Server 2005; "Building Silverlight Applications Using .NET, Microsoft MIX07 Conference, demonstrates building rich interactive applications (RIAs) using Silverlight, using MS Visual Studio to create applications, creating UI with XAML, and how to manipulate data with XML and LINQ; and "Using LINQ to Dramatically Improve Data Driven Development in Web Applications," from the Microsoft MIX07 Conference, discusses how LINQ unifies relational tables, XML documents, and in-memory objects for creating data intensive web applications.

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