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Microsoft Popfly Resource Center
Microsoft Popfly FAQs
Microsoft Popfly FAQ
Microsoft Popfly FAQ. Topics include what Popfly is, examples of what can be done with Popfly (such as customize and share media, describe an online persona, and add fun to a website), is Popfly free?, where Popfly applications can be hosted, the target audience, how to join Popfly, third-party companies, extensibility, security, how to build blocks, creating custom blocks, creating server-side applications using ASP.NET with Popfly, and more.
Popfly Explorer FAQ
Popfly Explorer Documentation. Topics include supported systems, member Popfly pages, the Projects folder, creating a new Visual Studio Project and saving it to Popfly, adding reference assemblies to a project, adding a mashup to a web page, opening a project, saving a project, finding a project, rating a project, adding a friend, friend requests, your friend's Popfly page, and signing out from Popfly Explorer.

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Update :: January 17, 2020