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Advanced Graphics Programming Using Open GL
Advanced Graphics Programming Using Open GL, February 2005, by Tom Mc Reynolds and David Blithe. Discusses polygon representation, decomposition and tessellation, smooth shading, vertex windowing order, triangle stripping, vertex buffer objects, triangle lists, transformations, data representation, overview of the transformation pipeline, normal transformation, texture matrix, texture coordinate generation and transformation, modeling transforms, visualizing transform sequences, vertex programs, representing color, shading, lighting, fixed-point and floating-point arithmetic, digital images, image manipulation, digital filtering, positioning images, pixel store operations, pixel transform operations, ARB image subject, off-screen processing, texture mapping, fraternization and fragment processing, Window system platform integration, implementations, multiple rendering passes, animalizing, com positing, blending, transparency, image processing techniques, basic transform techniques, texture mapping techniques, lighting techniques, CAD and modeling techniques, scene realism, natural detail, illustration and artistic techniques, scientific visualization, ands structuring applications for performance. Appendices cover using Open GL extensions, 3-D vectors, projection matrices, and viewing transforms.

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Update :: November 15, 2019