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OpenSocial Resource Center
OpenSocial Components
OAuth API Authentication
OAuth is an open protocol for secure API authentication. It can be used by developers who are building desktop applications, dashboard widgets and gadgets, JavaScript and browser-based applications and web page widgets. Service providers can use it to support web applications, server-side APIs and mashup. Resources include documentation, community, a history of the protocol, what it is used for, who will use it, code and a blog.
XHTML Friends Network
The XFN™ (XHTML Friends Network) is used for representing relationships using hyperlinks. Information on writing and using XFN includes getting started, FAQ, XFN tools, how to use XFN with social network services and other technologies and more.
Orkut Definition
The Wikipedia definition of Orkut—the Internet social networking service from Google. Discusses features (such as scrapbook, communities, and redesign), criticisms, security and safety, the Orkut help center, help groups, legal issues and additional resources.

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Update :: November 17, 2019