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Perl Resource Center

    Perl eBooks
    "Learning Perl the Hard Way"
    Free eBook: "Learning Perl the Hard Way" by Allen B. Downey, is designed for programmers who do not know Perl. Open source book available under the GNU Free Documentation License. Users can distribute, copy and modify the content.
    "Extreme Perl"
    Free eBook: "Extreme Perl" by Robert Nagler. Covers extreme programming (an approach to software development that emphasizes business results and involves rapid iteration, code writing and continuous testing), release planning, iteration planning, pair programming, tracking, acceptance testing, coding style, logistics, test-driven design, continuous design, unit testing, refactoring and SMOP.
    "Beginning Perl"
    Free eBook: "Beginning Perl" by Simon Cozens. Fourteen chapter book covers simple values, lists and hashes, loops and decisions, regular expressions, files and data, references, subroutines, running and debugging in Perl, modules, object-oriented Perl, CGI, databases and more.

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    Update :: January 17, 2020