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Programming Projects Resource Center


C Programming Projects
C++ Programming Projects
C++ Programming Projects, May 1999, by Sestak. This workbook includes numerous C++ programming projects, exercises and more.
C++ for Highschool Students Forum
Check out this forum thread for suggested C++ programming projects for highschool students.
Student Project with Description and Source Code
Electronic circuit simulator student project with description and source code.
C++ Project Lists by Category
C++ projects are broken down into categories including algorithms, compiler development, data structures, games, viruses, Trojans, computer graphics, file manipulation, and mathematics. When you select a category you get a list of the projects available along with a brief description, the author of the program and how many (hits) other people have viewed the program. When you select a particular project you are given the title of the project, the author, the author's email, description of the project, the category for the project, the number of hits this project has received and the code for the project.
C++ and Visual C++ Projects
Locate an assortment of C++ and Visual C++ projects with their descriptions and downloadable code.
C++ Projects with Source Code
Sixteen C++ projects and their source code.
C++ Programming Projects

Nine C++ programming projects with descriptions and their code. The site suggests that students use these projects only as tools to assist them in their program development.

Columbia University Project Guidelines
Project guidelines and check list from Columbia University.
Columbia University Student Project Suggestions
Includes several suggested student programming projects for computer science majors (undergraduate, masters and PhD. students) from the Network Security Lab at Columbia University. Each includes a project description and requirements. Projects include an SOS system, peer to peer systems' resilience, network worm vaccine architecture, automatic versioning system, mobile secure file system, P2P intrusion detection system, survivable JVM, anonymity system and more.
Suggested C++ Student Projects
Suggested C++ programming projects for students. Projects include early processing of gray-scale images, multi-scale shape analysis, tracking moving objects, 2-D contour matching, signature verification and more.
Columbia University Project Suggestions
Over 30 suggested programming projects from the computer science department at Columbia University. Projects include a resource list server, watcher filtering, a reputation system, spam analysis, implementing a peer-to-peer network, Skype analysis, virtual worlds, RFID, and audio library for Linux and more.
C++ Project List
Seven C++ projects including a unit converter, a simple calculator, a simple expert system, battleships, processing dates, a simple database and pointers. The project listing also tells you which features of C++ are covered in the projects.

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